Christopher Gorham on the cast of the Netflix series based on the Michael Connelly novel

The drama is written and produced by David E. Kelly, and stars Manuel Garcia Rulfo and Neve Campbell.

Christopher Gorham Sign up for a regular role on Attorney Lincoln, The league Netflix Based on a novel of the same name with a pen Michael Connelly (Also known by the Italian title for the defense lawyer). Initially deleted by CBS, the project is now proceeding with a video streaming service with a revamped crew that also includes Manuel Garcia RulfoAnd the Neve CampbellAnd the Becky NewtonAnd the Raycol Jazz H Angus Sampson.

Lincoln’s attorney: No Tarma

Written and produced David E. Kelly And viewer Ted HumphreyAnd the Attorney Lincoln – Just like starring in the 2011 movie of the same name Matthew McConaughey – Focuses on Mickey Haller (Garcia Rulfo), a Los Angeles criminal attorney who, using Lincoln’s backseat as an office, navigates courtrooms to defend clients of all kinds, both of which are fairly young. Season 1, consisting of ten episodes, will be based on the second book in Connelly’s saga titled The Brass Verdict.

The role of Christopher Gorham

Gorham, best known for the series Secret Affairs He starred for five seasons and recently also watched it on the Netflix series insatiable, at Attorney Lincoln He will play Trevor Elliott, a brilliant and mysterious video game mogul accused of murdering his wife and lover, and turns to Mickey to take on his important case.

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