Chinese hypersonic missiles raise US concerns

Biden reiterated his concerns about Chinese hypersonic missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons. When asked by reporters if he was concerned about Chinese hypersonic missiles when he boarded a plane for a trip to Pennsylvania, the US president said yes.

The White House also expressed concern about China’s hypersonic weapons.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Wednesday that “the White House has expressed concern about China’s hypersonic missile technology through ‘diplomatic channels’.”

In addition, previously Senator Angus King of Maine described hypersonic weapons as a potential nightmare.

“The consequences of developing these weapons by China or Russia could be catastrophic,” King said.

As you know, there were reports in August that China tested hypersonic weapons capable of carrying nuclear missiles. According to media reports, the missile He flew into space and circled the globe, then returned to Earth without hitting the desired target.

Note that rAnd supersonic weapons travel in the upper atmosphere at more than five times the speed of sound, or about 6,200 km/h.

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