China says the Five Eyes Alliance will be blinded by Hong Kong’s stance | China

China has rejected the Five Eyes Alliance’s criticism of it Hong Kong Policy, saying he “must face the reality” of returning the former British colony to China.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Legian was responding to a statement on Hong Kong issued by the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada and New Zealand, Which together form an intelligence partnership known as the Five Eyes.

“Regardless of whether they have five eyes or 10 eyes, if they dare to harm China’s sovereignty, security and development interests, they should be careful not to blind their eyes,” Zhao said in a daily briefing.

The foreign ministers of the five countries have said that the Chinese government’s new decision which excluded four pro-democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong appears to be “Part of a coordinated campaign to silence all critical voices“.

The joint statement described the decision as a breach of China’s international obligations and commitment to grant Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy and freedom of expression.

Hong Kong, a city of 7.5 million, promised self-rule in local affairs for 50 years after returning to China in 1997.

Zhao said Hong Kong is an inalienable part of China and government officials should “be loyal to the motherland. This is a basic political ethic in every country in the world, right?”

The four deputies were ineligible earlier He was prevented from running for re-election Because of their calls for foreign governments to impose sanctions on China and Hong Kong. They remained in their posts due to the one-year delay in the elections.

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Three former pro-democracy lawmakers appeared in a Hong Kong court on Thursday, one day after they were arrested for disrupting the legislature during debate on the national anthem bill earlier this year.

The three were joined by supporters who raised banners with slogans outside West Colon District Court.

Eddy Chu, one of the three, said he was facing “prosecution from the dictatorship” for their actions to try to prevent the national anthem from being passed. The law criminalizes insulting and misusing the volunteer march anthem.

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