Rachel Maddow returns romantically after partner’s battle with COVID: ‘Don’t get this thing’

MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow

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Los Angeles – Rachel Madhu on Thursday returned to her MSNBC show, saying her partner’s match with COVID-19 was so dangerous that they thought it might kill her.

Madhu has been off broadcasting for nearly two weeks since revealing that she had been in close contact with someone who tested positive for the coronavirus. Madhu did not reveal her identity at the time, but said Thursday evening that she was her partner, Susan Mykola.

“At some point, we really thought he was likely to kill her and that’s why I was away,” said Madhu.

She added, “It is the center of my life.”

Madhu said her partner is recovering and will be fine, but that didn’t seem that way at the start of her illness. Madhu said she has tested negative so far regarding the virus.

She is the most-watched MSNBC host and broadcast from inside her home, and ran into some technical difficulties before showing her experience with the Coronavirus.

“Don’t get this thing.” Madhu said, “Do everything you can to stop him from getting it.” “For Thanksgiving next week, you’ll really get it at home without people coming.”

Madhu said her quarantine will soon end, but she will “broadcast like this until it is safe for me to be with my co-workers.”

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