China: In the dispute over the Uyghurs, the country imposed sanctions on representatives from the United States and Canada

Tensions have escalated over the persecution of the Uyghurs: Beijing Also imposed on Saturday against my representatives United States of America And the Canada Penalties. They are targeting two members of the US Committee for International Religious Freedom, Gail Mansion and Tony Perkins, as well as Canadian Representative Michael Chung and the Canadian Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights.

The injured are no longer allowed to go to mainland China or special administrative regions Hong Kong And the Macau Enter, their assets will be frozen there. Chinese citizens and enterprises are prohibited from cooperating with them.

The sanctioners “should stop political manipulation in Xinjiang-related cases and stop interfering in any way in China’s internal affairs,” the ministry said. Otherwise, your fingers will be burned.

Canadians Chung: Punishments a “Medal of Honor”

In the past few days, China has already had it Politicians and scholars as well as organizations from the European Union And the Britain with sanctions Occupy. China responded with it On punitive measures by the West: Great Britain, the European Union, Canada and the United States imposed sanctions on China earlier this week to crack down on the Muslim Uyghur minority in the northwestern province of Xinjiang. China, in turn, accused the United States and Canada of imposing the measures “based on rumors and misinformation.”

The United States and Canada condemned the Chinese government’s actions. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau It described the measures as an “assault on transparency and freedom of expression.” Canadian Representative Chung considered the sanctions imposed on him a “badge of honor.” “It is our duty to denounce China for its repression of Hong Kong and the genocide against the Uyghurs,” he wrote. Twitter.

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According to human rights organizations, there are at least a million Uighurs and other Muslims imprisoned in hundreds of detention camps in Xinjiang. There they were reportedly forced to abandon their religion, culture and language, and in some cases were also ill-treated. Beijing denies the allegations and talks of training and employment programs aimed at combating extremism in the region.

Relations between the emerging superpower China and the United States are strained. Former President of the United States Donald Trump It tightened the path toward government in Beijing, including in trade policy. Behind him Joe Biden It began as a departure from Trump’s policy in many areas; But on China’s policy, the new president basically wants to stick to a difficult path.

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