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Honduras vs. Greece live online They will face each other in the international friendly match in FIFA history towards the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar at 10:00 am (ET) in the United States and 8:00 am in Mexico. The game will be broadcast via ESPN in the US. In addition, Bolavip will provide you with all the information to watch the live broadcast of the event.

Anytime Honduras play against. Greece lives in the USA

Honduras vs. Greece LIVE will be played on March 28 at 7:00 am (PDT) / 10:00 AM (ET) in the US and will be held at Tombas Stadium.

Venue: Stadio Toumbas.

Today: March 28th

Time in the US: 7:00 AM (Pacific Time) / 10:00 AM (Eastern Time)

Honduras vs. Greece Live: Schedules to watch in the USA.

US – 7:00 AM (Pacific Time) / 10:00 AM (Eastern Time)

Peru – 9.00 am Lima time

Mexico – 8:00 AM Mexico City time

Ecuador – 9.00 am Quito time

Colombia – 9.00 am Bogota time

Argentina – 11.00 am Buenos Aires time

Spain – 3.00 pm Madrid time

Spain – 2.00 am Canary Islands time

Uruguay – 11.00 am Montevideo time

Paraguay – 11.00 am Asunción time

Chile – 11.00 am Santiago time

BRAZIL – 11.00 AM Brasilia Time

Bolivia – 10:00 AM La Paz time

Venezuela – 10.00 am Caracas time

Canada – 9.00 AM Toronto time

Italy – 3:00 pm, Rome time

France – 3.00 pm Paris time

Germany – 3:00 pm Berlin time

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Portugal – 2.00 pm Lisbon time

Netherlands – 3.00 pm Amsterdam time

England – 2.00 pm London time

On which channel to watch Honduras vs. Greece is online and free in the United States

The game will be broadcast live for the US on ESPN while for the rest of the world, all the game’s events will be able to follow from Bolavip.

Honduras vs. Potential Greece formations:

Greece (4-1-4-1): Flashodemus; Pakakis, Papadopoulos, Tsavillas and Tsimikas; Zika. Limnius, Bukhalis; Mandalos, Masouras y Bakasetas.

Honduras (4-3-3): Mingivar; Rodriguez, Figueroa, Pereira, Alvarez; Velasquez, Lopez, Flores; Pingston, Ellis and Toro.

Honduras vs. Forecasts for Greece in the United States of America:

Bookmakers in the US consider Greece to be the favorites to win this friendly match. Honduras has a higher probability of winning than a draw.

consequences Kings
Honduras +500
Necktie +200
Greece -150

* Cartoons courtesy of DraftKings.

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