Chess Queen: The Final Episode is the highest-rated episode on Netflix

The seventh and final episode of The Queen of Chess received the highest rating for Netflix, and the episode with the lowest score is from docu-fiction Tiger King.



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The seventh and final episode of The queen of chess Set a new record by becoming the episode with Highest score For a product Netflix. The episode with the lowest score belongs, however, to Docu-fiction Tiger King.

The Queen of Chess: a photo from the series

according to Data collected by Tombola“End Game”, the seventh and final episode of The Chess Queen, scored 9.4 on IMDB, the highest of all episodes analyzed.

In second place came the last episode of the series Never Have I Ever …, titled “… Said I’m Sorry”, which had a score of 8.9.

3rd place in Episode 2 of The Chess Queen, “Exchanges”, with an average rating of 8.8.

Will the Chess Queen have a second season? Manufacturer response

Tombola has also analyzed the three episodes as Worst Medium for Netflix. The Victory in the Negative Record is the eighth episode of Tiger King’s documentaries: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, at 5.2, followed by two episodes of Love Is Blind.

The Queen of Chess (in the original The Queen’s Gambit) stars Anya Taylor Joy as the young Beth Harmon, an orphan who was welcomed by a Kentucky orphanage in the late 1950s. The girl discovers that she has an amazing talent for chess as she begins to become addicted to the sedatives that the authorities offer to keep the children under surveillance.

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