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Five days after the start OpenD AustraliaAn employee’s positivity at one of the three hotels where the tennis players and tournament workers stayed during quarantine triggered alarms in Melbourne. Specifically, up to 600 people will be quarantined and will have to pass stringent tests in order to detect other potential injuries, so this week’s tennis events in the city remain in the air and the situation at the expense of the test results, as well as the decision of the Australian authorities.

At 10:30 p.m. local time Wednesday, the country’s prime minister, Daniel Andrews, gave a press conference in which he spoke about the positivity of the Grand Hyatt employee. Apparently, this 26-year-old had last worked at the hotel on day 29 and had a negative PCR result, but in the following days he began to show symptoms and on the second day he underwent another nasal examination that detected a positive, I was informed on Wednesday. Logically, he would have been in contact with those who were staying at the hotel.

A case, for example, Roberto Bautista, Pablo Carreno, or Carlos Alkaraz; Also by Muguruza Garbiñe. The first two teams to compete in the FIFA World Cup (Men’s Team World Cup) and this Thursday are supposed to face Greece on the second day, while The young man from Murcia reached the eighth by the Great Ocean open road The Spanish-Venezuelan player had advanced to another preparatory tournament, the Yarra Valley Classic. However, none of them will be able to jump onto the field since the Australian Federation (Tennis Australia) announced the cancellation of all of the day’s events and the country immediately implement the protocol.

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For now, both players and workers in the tournament should be isolated. They are considered regular contacts. Andrews said, “They should immediately isolate themselves and get tested. The minister replied when the possibility of suspending the tournament that starts on the 8th of this month was raised,” At this stage, there is no effect on the tournament, in the correct sense of the word. “The tournament is important to us, but The problem is on a much larger scale, it is a public health and safety issue. We must assume that this person has infected others, ”he continued.

Now, the authorities of Victoria, the state in which Melbourne is located, will once again tighten their restriction measures after a 28-day series of blank dispatch. It remains to be known, however, how the Australian government will act, because if the protocol is strictly enforced, people (tennis players and workers) who have been in close contact with the latter positive must undergo another 14-day quarantine. So far, Australia has been determined to fight the Coronavirus and the numbers reflect the measure’s success. Since the start of the epidemic, the peripheral country has recorded 28,829 cases and 909 deaths.

Sports Planet warning

The red light was activated on Thursday, and the potential consequences of the news assume a hammer blow to global sport. After all, the Australian Open is the first major accidental event to be held this Olympic year, and the logistical and health complexity it requires is a mirror through which events and other appointments of greater magnitude can be viewed. Around doubt Tokyo Games (July 23 to August 8) Two weeks ago, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) came out to deny information from the British newspaper timesAnd making sure she celebrates them with a yes or a yes. Likewise, this summer sports poster also features a European Football Cup for men (June 11-11), which will be pre-staged in a multi-site format: 12 places from 12 different countries.

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Around 1,200 people, including referees, players, coaching staff and teams, landed on Australian soil between January 14 and 15 to take part in the Australian Open, which was delayed by three weeks in order to make your celebration easier. On three of the 17 trips chartered by the organization, led by Craig Tilly, positive cases were detected, although none were directly from a tennis player; However, That Spanish Paula Padosa jumped in at st, And those flying on those planes had to complete a strict 15-day lockdown. Meanwhile, the rest had five hours a day to train abroad, In both the Melbourne bubble and the Adelaide bubble. The latter is more lenient, reserved for characters and their buddies.

Specifically, six days ago an exhibition was held in this second place The presence of 4,000 spectators in the stands, with no distance or masks, attracted the world’s attention. Nadal, Djokovic, Tim, Party, Halep and Serena Williams performed there. Now they’ve all gathered in Melbourne, and now they’re attending events because life employee positivity can undo the entire card deck.

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