Check out five recommendations for playing with the family during the Eid vacation

IDXChannel There are many ways to spend time with your family on holidays Eid, One of them by playing Game. There are many games that can be played when gathering together, here are 5 recommended games that you can play with your siblings during family gatherings during Eid.

  1. Between us

This game is definitely familiar due to its high popularity in recent times. Each game round in a game between us can be filled with up to 10 players, with a place placed on a plane. Among the 10 people involved, the system will randomly choose who will be the crewmate and who will be the fraudster. Thus, their respective roles are kept secret. The system itself allows the maximum number of importers to be 3, while the rest are crewmates.

  1. Ludo King

This game is really a traditional game. If you were playing it with a piece of card as a gamepad, Ludo King can now be played via an app on a smartphone. More or less, Ludo King still uses the same game concept, but has become more modern. This game offers slots for two to six players. The objective of this game is to successfully collect all the pieces that the player owns, from the place where the game starts to the final destination.

  1. One

This game now also has a digital version. So you no longer need to bother using chaos, you can play this game with your family online. This game also has the same features and rules as the actual version and it is available on iOS and Android platforms. This game also has courses and many other modes to choose from.

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This battle royale game can be played by 100 people online simultaneously. In this game, players can play solo and teams of 2 and 4 people, and they can invite friends to join the game as a team.

  1. Call of Duty: Mobile

This game, in collaboration between Tencent and Activision, offers different game modes, from deathmatch to battle royale. The gameplay offered is the same as for battle royale in general, with 100 players shot from the plane and having to kill each other until there is one winner left. (FM)

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