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The self-made satellite of the first small Hungarian satellite company was launched into space at dawn today, he writes growth outlet.

do not forget to It started nine years ago The first fully galactic satellite, Massat-1, from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana. The new satellite, called RADCUBE, launched from there at dawn Tuesday.

RADCUBE is the largest stand-alone spacecraft developed in Hungary to date, and at the same time the first domestic satellite platform in low Earth orbit.

With the development, our main goal was to show that the C3S could build serious satellite platforms that could carry the payload and could operate in space. This will be our reference

– said Gyula Horvat, co-founder of C3S Elektronikai Kft. , which made the satellite.

The company manager said: With RADCUBE, I want to make it clear that they can provide satellites to customers from 3U to 16U – that is, from a smaller shoebox to the size of a microwave oven. At the same time, they want to demonstrate their ability to ensure not only the construction, but also the planning and operation of the entire expedition. As part of the RADCUBE mission, an operational ground station was built and an international consortium of 6 people was brought together.

A complex device for monitoring space weather has also been built into the satellite. It includes a cosmic radiometer as well as a magnetometer. In addition, the European Space Agency (ESA) sent a device with a satellite to monitor the activities of the Sun.

In the long term, the company wants to create a complex system for studying space weather. This system is called CROSS (Cosmic Radiation Monitoring Satellite System) and I plan to sell it both domestically and overseas.

C3S’ vision is to launch a full range of satellites, the most important area for development now is remote sensing and minimal satellite towers that can be used in agriculture, disaster management or water management. This is where we see the future

– Giola Horvath summarized their plans.

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