Broken arm, twisted joint: Edtmayer misses skateboard final – gold for Australia

Skater Tyler Edtmayer, who fractured his arm, failed to qualify for the park competition at the Tokyo Olympics. The 20-year-old from Lenggries couldn’t perform on his regular Thursday at Urban Sports Park, but he scored 61.78 points and placed 15th. Only the top eight made it to the final. There, Australian Keegan Palmer won with 95.83 points and became the park’s first Olympic champion. Silver went to Brazilian Pedro Barros, and bronze went to American Cory Juno.


“A big stone fell from my heart,” Edtmayr said. “It’s been a very difficult week, especially mentally, with a lot of pain, sweat and tears. I’m more than satisfied with the points, really cool,” Edtmayr said, “There is a lot, a lot of adrenaline in the competition involved, I did not even notice the arm.” However, in Germany it is triggered immediately upon my return: “To straighten my wrist again. This is just a mistake.”

Edtmaier broke his arm in training last week. Despite the injury, the Bavarian did not want to miss anything in the Olympic presentation of his sport. The fracture affected Edtmayer in several movements, including swinging. Before his injury, the Eighteenth World Championship had set the top ten as a target. Edtmayr fell once in three runs, but he didn’t fall on his arm

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