Can you give me your facial features.. Rs. We will pay 1.5 crores

Internet Desk: An American technology company preparing to launch Humanoid Robot Assistants has announced a proposal to give them a more natural look. She said she would pay around Rs 1.5 crore if anyone gave them permanent rights to their facial features. Promobot, a technology development company in the fields of facial recognition, navigation, artificial intelligence, etc. in the field of robotics, said it is looking for friendly people to look at. It revealed that it is developing robots that act as assistants in shopping malls, hotels and other crowded areas.

One hundred hours of speech recording

The company has already completed the process of accepting applications.. The final results have not been revealed yet. In the first step, 3D shapes of the face and body of the selected individuals are taken in this order. Then.. they recorded the speech material for nearly 100 hours in their voices. Finally.. the relevant license agreement must be signed. Currently, the company’s Promobot V4 robots are used in universities, airports, etc. Starting with the guide, the administrator and the consultant perform many functions.

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