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Ursel shouted. There was nothing to prevent her from doing this, on the contrary: this is mostly a good sign. Perhaps it is worth noting that Ursel is not her real name, only Alexander Yakhmet initially joked: “I will call her Ursel.” Back when TSV coach Schwabhausen was asked what the newcomer’s name was and wasn’t sure how to pronounce Orsolya Feher. Everyone in the first division of table tennis knows this now, which is why no one calls her Ursel, and they also know what they have about her and her Hungarian colleague Mercedess Nagyvarade, who came a year and a half ago.

Orsolya Feher likes to cheer herself up with cheers that barely miss ultrasonic frequency, and so last Saturday she chanted two back-to-back victories against Böblingen often with her fists, against Mitsuki Yoshida and Alexandra Kaufmann, which she contributed greatly to the fact that their club took a 6-0 win. 4 on the bottom of the table from behind from 3-0.

Liu Yangzi does not squeak. It doesn’t have to do with the fact that the 19-year-old lost both games on Saturday, but it has more to do with the fact that the Chinese youngster is more introverted, on the record than in reality. It was difficult for her to face Böblingen. First, there was a duel with Annette Kaufman (squeak), the 15-year-old’s top talent who ranked second in the world rankings in his age group and who recently became the youngest European under-21 champion in history. Then the match against established defender Qianhong Gotsch, 53.

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“She did a lot for her sport,” says teammate Winter.

Kaufman played better, Liu later admitted and showed a strong smile. In fact, the Little Chinese brought all her strengths, launched many powerful attacks and countered them with force, but in the end, the young man met and cheered several times often. And against Gooch, she often didn’t know what kind of spin she was having. As consolation, he should say to her: This has happened to a great many people before her. Gooch was, to Liu’s knowledge, a Chinese national player after all. Pretty much what Leo could never have done but wanted so much – which is why she now lives in Australia.

Meanwhile, they learned a lot about Leo, who unexpectedly and spontaneously joined the team. From the coach, Ahmed did not know at the beginning of the season whether it would be used one day; Which led them to the top spot in their ranking list which has now played four preliminary matches. From Germany, Leo recently played international tournaments with three young players, during this time she trained in Bad Aibling, sometimes in Düsseldorf, sometimes in Schwabhausen, and she has just played four league matches.

When she was seven years old, she came to Shanghai from Henan province, and went to a school that usually had no patriots, but players who were supposed to help the best, for example by analyzing the game. This is how I explained it to Sabine Winter. In any case, the teenager left his homeland and initially competed in tournaments for Portugal, but it was difficult to get the passport that he hoped to get. She then moved to Australia where two of her cousins ​​live. “She did a lot for her sport,” Winter says. “She hasn’t seen her parents in two and a half years.”

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Liu hopes to host the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane, Australia

For now, she’s back in Down Under. Liu says she hopes to meet her mother soon, and now things are looking fine with the Australian passport: she wants to get it before the next Commonwealth Games at the end of July. In 2032, the Olympic Games will be held in the Australian city of Brisbane, which is their goal. To this end, your future association is currently building a professional table tennis team. You can see against Böblingen that there is still a lot to do for Liu, who wants to play as much as possible in Europe by then. Before that she was unbeaten in four songs.

The real number one will still be Sabine Winter, ranking list or not. The 29-year-old raised her winning record last weekend to 12:1. She only made one ruling against her longtime feared opponent Joch, and the following day against Colbermore’s best player Kristen Lang, she made no umpire. Only against the superb Yuan Wan had to fight hard in her surprising 6-3 derby victory in five sets.

Liu Yangzi also lost her third in a row against Wan on Sunday – but then showed strong nerves in a very competitive four sets in success against Lang. “Crazy game” excited Yahya.

What does all this mean for Schwabhausen’s ambitions? With a score of 11:3, TSV finished the preliminary round in third place, however, Yahmed says, he’s happy with a significant advantage over the relegation position. Leo’s stakes were doubly valuable, like a kind of reinforcement for the whole team, as she scored herself in the front pair’s cross, but Mateja Geiger slipped in the back pair’s cross. “It’s a bank there,” Winter said on Saturday, not yet knowing the Croatian would head out the perfect weekend the following day with a 3-0 win over Kulbermore’s Svetlana Janina, who is undefeated. “This was my best performance,” Yahmed said. And for fourth place, the coach recently had wide options: Nagivaradi (against Kolbermore), Fehr or Alina Nikichanka were ready.

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It is now unclear whether or not Leo will return. She said with a smile that she is trying to enter the second half of the season as well. This is not certain. The team will be stronger again – if it doesn’t work out, you don’t have to worry about Feher and the others either.

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