BZ is providing files on the Internet about upcoming elections in Lar-Lar region

In addition to the state elections on March 14, the election of a new mayor in Nereid on Sunday, February 21, is on the agenda. BZ provides information on various channels.

The range of information is wide: in the online dossier on the election of the mayor of Newred, interested parties can find all the articles that have appeared so far. Anyone who has yet to decide which of the four candidates is the right person for the job at City Hall, for example, can watch BZ speak to all applicants again. This can be found on file as well as on local tours with the candidates, the four men’s photo albums and important information about the election.

Anyone who wants to know what’s going on about the state election in Lar district, who is running for state parliament and what’s other important, receives detailed information in the electoral district’s file. The candidate’s planned photos including quick videos with applicants from the six major parties – The Greens, CDU, AfD, SPD, FDP, Left – will also be posted. Another file provides information on all aspects of voting in the country.

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