British Navy tests flying suits “Iron Man” (video)

The English Army tested a flying suit like that of Iron Man.

United kingdom United Kingdom Navy The Tests for his jet mannequin, With technology Tipo “Iron Man”, Allowing it The soldiers return Bodies of water easily.

By an official statement, The Royal Navy indicated this This equipment is manufactured by Gravity Industries, which is with it It aims to develop military operations In the future.

At exercises where the Marines were transferred from one small boat to another, bigger one, they showed this The team is not yet ready to take it to the real business. Marine command is considered. However, he stressed that Progress It has been achieved so far It’s a great.

“ The flying suit technology tested in this test allowed for commando strength Experience innovative methods To conduct freely intercept operations and obtain information about its potential to allow vertical access in a complex urban coastal environment, “said Lt. Col. Will Clark RM.

“While it is possible that The technology is not ready for military adoption “At the moment, he is showing great promise, and we will watch his development with constant interest,” the lieutenant added.

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