In Australia, they laugh at Chile for sharing in Tokyo

The Tokyo Olympics are over, and the Chile team said goodbye without medals. This situation hits our country, but it was ridiculed in Australia. This is the case for the University of Sydney student newspaper, Honey Sweet.

With the extinction of the Olympic torch, Chile has successfully defended its Olympic record in the most Olympic Games without an Olympic record.”, wrote in the aforementioned media, with a clear irony, and then continues to mock the national delegation.

After making its debut at the inaugural Games of 1896, Chile won two gold medals in 24 Summer Olympics with no record, but He never achieved an elusive Olympic record in anything other than a lack of Olympic records.”they added.

“There are 19 countries that are most featured in games, but Each has records on at least one event, which has put Shelly on top of the perpetual misfortune platform.”Honeysuit deepens.

Finally, the Australian newspaper indicated that “the Chilean Olympic Committee did not respond to a request for comment, But he will certainly be proud of the world-leading result.”.

Here you can read Honey Sweet’s post.

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