Britain plans to impose restrictions on asylum seekers amid migration crisis | Europe update | DW

The British government intends to put strict restrictions on the movement of asylum seekers, similar to those implemented by Greece, to tackle the migration crisis, the newspaper “Daily Telegraph” revealed Saturday (11/20/2021).

The British Home Secretary, Priti Patel, is studying this possibility that could be applied in new centers to house migrants who arrive on the English coasts after crossing the waters of the English Channel in small boats.

Asylum seekers, according to the information, will be obliged to comply with certain rules, otherwise they may lose the right to seek asylum in the UK. The minister seeks to copy the model used by Greece, where the movement of migrants is closely monitored to prevent them escaping from these detention centers.

A British government source told the newspaper: “If they break the rules, their asylum application could be affected. You can be told you have to be here at a (certain) time. These are fair rules if you provide food and accommodation.” ..

Last week, the media revealed that the government is also considering bringing migrants crossing the canal to Albania. Under this plan, migrants will be flown to that country seven days after arriving on English shores in order to have their asylum claims processed there.

On the eleventh, the UK set a record for immigrants, with a total of 1,185 people crossing the Channel in small boats. (efe)

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