Spain to host Euro 2028 with Portugal and Switzerland

Madrid, 20 November (EFE). Spain will once again, after 32 years, host the European Handball Championship after it was appointed on Saturday, along with Portugal and Switzerland, to host the European Men’s Championship 2028 at the extraordinary congress of the European Union (EHF) held in Vienna.

The candidacy of Spain, Portugal and Switzerland was the only candidate to organize the maximum continental championship for national teams, after the proposal was withdrawn from Denmark, Sweden and Norway which abandoned the bid to host the 2028 tournament to focus their efforts on achieving Europe in 2026 which was finally awarded.

For its part, Switzerland, which initially aspired to organize the European Championship alone, joined the Iberian candidacy last October, ensuring its election.

Spain, which already organized the European Championship in 1996, together with Portugal, the venue of the European Championship in 1994, and Switzerland, which hosted the European Championship 2006, will host the 18th edition of the maximum continental championship for men for national teams, which will be held from January 13-30, 2028.

The candidacy is expected that each of the three countries will host two of the six groups into which the first stage will be divided, while the second will be held in Portugal and Spain.

The semi-finals and final of the tournament will be held in Spain at a stadium that has not yet been decided.

Elections serving Spanish handball to remove the thorn of not being classified in June 2018 as a venue for the 2022 European Championship, which was presented as a candidate alongside France and Belgium, which was awarded to Hungary and Slovakia.

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But Spain, Portugal and Switzerland were not the only “winners” of the EHF conference, because the consensus reached between the various federations allowed all the candidates to organize the Europeans, male and female for the years 2026 and 2028, for the award.

Denmark, Sweden and Norway, after remaining as the only applicants, will organize the European Men’s Championship in 2026, while Russia will host the European Women’s Championship in the same year, after the Nordic nominations were out of the race.

This would be the venue for the 2028 Women’s European Championship, where she was elected as the sole candidate, as was the case in the case of Spain, Portugal and Switzerland for the 2028 Men’s European Championship.

. Men’s European Championship 2026: Denmark, Sweden and Norway

. Men’s European Championship 2028: Spain, Portugal and Switzerland

. European Women’s Championship 2026: Russia

. European Women’s Championship 2028: Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

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