Tu si que vales and Dancing with the Stars

The programming of the major TV networks predicts this evening, November 20, 2021u Rai 1: Dancing with the stars, Channel 5: Tu si Que Vales, Italy 1: The Simpsons, La7: Versailles. Let’s see in detail all the major networking software with Solodonna guide.

What are you going to watch on TV tonight? Below is the schedule of evening programs with Instructs from Solodona:
Let’s find out which ones Programs are broadcast give her Major TV Networks Today, November 20, 2021, with for us Evening TV Guide.

Among all we refer to it: the movie kinda complicated girl that it sky, Dalida that it Ray movie NS Dreams Christmas party that it TV 8. The evening proposals do not end here.

What are you going to watch on TV tonight

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Let’s find out which movies and shows to watch together Tonight on TV, Saturday 20 November 2021.

Tonight on Rai

Rai 1 20:35 – Dancing With The Stars (show)


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Saturday evening appointment with Dancing with the stars. After last week’s clash between Morgan NS Wild Lucarelli, apparently, Millie Carlucci He wanted a face-to-face clarification between the two of them, hoping that they would be able to calm down and clarify their position. We’ll see during the episode how it ends.

After the loss of the Italian national team striker unmoved siro Because of a physical problem, “Night Dancer” will be first lilonsieme for Paolo Calabresi. siro He will be with his wife Jessica Malina head Lazio Lotito to present the initiativekick out, wanted by Pope Franciso With the support of the . Football Club Lazio..

  • Rai2 21:00 – Tennis (sport)
  • Ray 3 21:45 – Sapiens – One Planet (Documentary)
  • Film Rai 21:10 – Dalida (movie)
  • Rai Premium 21:20 – Professor (Documentary)
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Tonight on TV on Mediaset

Network 4 21:30 – Agent 007 – Moonrker Space Operation (movie)


James Bond Invited to cooperate with a cute spy from central Intelligence Agency , to block Hugo Drax An important businessman, as well as the owner of a space company, but also the head of a criminal organization that can take over a shuttle. This could have potentially serious consequences. Secret mission 007 this time will take place in space …

Canale 5 21:40 – Tu Si Que Vales (TV Show)

you if you deserve 1

Fun Saturday night is back Channel 5 with sending You deserve it. The jury will also be called this evening to monitor and carefully evaluate the numerous performances of the contestants to decide who will make it to the final. Among the contenders there will also be those who will join the team Jerry Scotty That from week to week it is enriched more and more with participants. Like every week, the jokes come back Maria de Filippi and Sabrina FerelliBut there will also be jokes among the other judges…

Italy 1 – 21:47 – The Simpsons (Animation)

30 years old-i-simpson

I’m Simpson It is a parody of society and lifestyle United States of America. family Omer In fact, it is the classic middle-class family that struggles every day with problems and difficulties…

Tonight on TV on other channels

La7 21:15 – Versailles – (Serie tv)

Versailles series

TV series production French and Canadian which traces the history of the rise of power to re only. A mixture of ingredients distinguishes between court scandals, secrets, passions and political intrigues Versailles TV series, which was filmed in a wonderful location of Versailles castle In custom-made costumes that reproduce, for all intents and purposes, the clothing of the nobility of the time…

  • Tv8 21:30 – Dreams Christmas Party (Movie)
  • Nine 21:25 – A missing family – The Carita case (documentary film)
  • Heaven 21:15 – A Kinda Complicated Girl (movie)
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