The Cleveland Indians ‘determine the best way forward’ regarding the name of the team

The MLB franchise issued a statement Friday, saying the team is “committed to engaging our community and relevant stakeholders to determine the best way forward given our team’s name.”

The Indians removed the “Chief Wahoo” logo from their uniforms after the end of the 2018 season.

“We stand for a positive impact on our community and accept our responsibility to promote social justice and equality. Our organization fully recognizes that the name of our team is one of the most visible ways we connect with the community.

“We have organized ongoing discussions on these issues. The recent social unrest in our community and our country has only underscored the need for us as an organization to continue to improve in matters of social justice.

“With that in mind, we are committed to engaging our community and relevant stakeholders to determine the best way forward for our team.

“As the focus of the baseball world shifts to the excitement of the unprecedented 2020 season, we recognize our unique place in the community and are committed to listening, learning and acting in a way that can best unite and inspire our city and all those who support our team.”

Atlanta Braves says franchise ‘honors, supports and appreciates Indian community’

On Friday, before Cleveland published its statement, CNN addressed the Indians and the brave of Atlanta regarding the names of the franchises. The brave did not respond to the name change in their response.

“Atlanta Braves pays tribute, supports and appreciates the Indian community,” the statement said. “That will never change.

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“The Atlanta Braves relationship with the Indian community dates back many years, and over the past few months we have created even stronger connections with various Indian tribes, both regionally and nationally, in issues related to courage and Indian culture.

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“We also held meetings with our working group from India to work with us on cultural issues, education and reaching out to the community to boost their voice and show our fans that they are still proud.

“The Atlanta Braves have a significant commitment to honor the Indian community and we are excited to be working together to ensure this happens.

“We have a lot of work on and off the field, but the Atlanta Braves are ready to meet the challenges of these times.”

After receiving this statement, CNN followed Braves to try to clarify whether he had any plans to change his name at this time, but received no response.

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