Blatter is under criminal investigation in Switzerland

Joseph Blatter is accused of a 2010 FIFA loan to the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association

Joseph Platter, The former president of L. FIFA, Is the subject of a New criminal investigation at Switzerland The agency said Saturday that it alleges mismanagement of one million dollars in soccer money News agency, Who revealed a notification sent by the Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office to the former sporting director.

Blatter, 84, is accused of a loan granted by FIFA in 2010 to Trinidad and Tobago Football Association. As it became known on Saturday, the amount paid to the aforementioned association left FIFA on April 13, 2010, without guarantee and without interest, and presumably converted into some kind of gift.

The accusation received by the Ministry of Public Affairs of the Swiss Confederation Blatter is another chapter in the series Financial scandals In which I participated in its management. Your Secretary General Jerome Falk And the Marcus CutnerChief Financial Officer, according to the document.

The Blatter investigation joins the Swiss and US Federal Investigations that linked FIFA at the time to the irregular payments that benefited from Jack Warner, His former vice president of Trinidad and Tobago, who is fighting to avoid being extradited to the United States.

Joseph Blatter denied any wrongdoing during his tenure, and told the French newspaper Le Monde that he was aware of this accusation, but said he “completely rejects its content”.

Jack Warner was a significant player in FIFA’s electoral processes and was accused by the United States of enrichment and embezzlement, specifically with former CONCACAF General Secretary Chuck Blazer, for negotiating bribes with sports marketing companies to assign commercial rights. Football tournaments.

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Blatter resigned from his post on June 2, 2015, four days after he was re-elected to a fifth term. Despite his support in the elections, this support is not shared by everyone. That is why I place my resignation at the disposal of world leaders. I took this decision to resign to clean up FIFA’s profile. FIFA needs a deep restructuring. “

Two days before its last reelection, FIFA was arrested in the early morning of seven senior officials of the authority in Zurich on charges of alleged corruption, while they were in their hotel in that city to participate in the conference.

It was a process I ordered US Department of JusticeIn coordination with the FBI and the tax agency, which brought a lawsuit against nine FIFA officials and five businessmen involved in an alleged corruption scheme.

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