Black Friday 2020 Game Deals: PS5 and PS4 Games for Sale, “The Last of Us 2”, “Persona 5 Royal” and more!

Black Friday 2020 gaming deals

The date for the biggest sale of the year is approaching, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most stores have rolled out their biggest Black Friday 2020 deals online to prevent people from gathering, increasing the risk of exposure to the Coronavirus.

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Black Friday 2020 will take place on November 27th.

Nevertheless, Black Friday 2020 will continue, albeit slightly different from in past years.

White Friday Games 2020 offers

But if anything is the same, then it is the time of year when people can gAnd the best deals on just about anything, including gaming accessories, some of the best games released, plus memberships that may cost more.

to me GameSpotIn fact, Best Buy and GameStop have already revealed their Black Friday 2020 deals, giving people a glimpse of what they can get.

For GameStop, online deals for the newly released Sony PlayStation 5 will begin on November 25 at 9:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM PDT, while in-store sales will start on November 27 through November 29.

Here are other tables:

  • Best Buy online deals will run from November 22 to November 29, while in-store sales will run from November 27 to November 29.

  • Target will start its deals from November 22 to November 28.

  • Walmart will start its deals from November 25 to November 29

If you’re looking for game titles like “The Last of Us Part II,” “Watch Dogs: Legion,” or “Ghost of Tsushima,” this is the best time to get them at a huge discount.

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Here are more game deals you can find on Black Friday 2020:

12-month PlayStation Plus subscription

Price: $ 31 (initial $ 60)

For nearly 50%, Sony fans can grab this great one-year deal from a PS Plus subscription, which works well if you have a PS5 as you can access online multiplayer modes and get free games every month.

This is available at EBayOnce you pay for it, you will receive the digital code within 24 hours of purchase.

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The Last of Us Part II

Black Friday 2020 games offers

(Photo: Naughty Dog, LLC / Facebook)
One of the biggest shows that launched this year is “The Last of Us Part II”.

Price: $ 30 (initially $ 60)

One of the biggest games to be released this year is “The Last of Us Part II” from Naughty Dog, which will be part of Best buyBlack Friday Deals 2020.

‘The ghost of Tsushima’

Black Friday 2020 games offers

(Image: PlayStation / Facebook)
“Ghost of Tsushima” will be on sale on Black Friday this year.

Price: $ 40 (initially $ 60)

Another big game coming this year is “Ghost of Tsushima,” the latest PS4 exclusive release. Best buy It’s also the title’s best deal for this upcoming Black Friday.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Black Friday 2020 games offers

(Photo: Watch Dogs / Facebook)
Get your chance to get “Watch Dog: Legion” for PS5.

Price: $ 33 (initially $ 60)

Watch Dogs: Legion is a newer release, and it will only be released in October. However, the PS5 version is already on sale this coming Black Friday for nearly half the original price, so it’s a bargain you can’t afford to miss. GameStop.

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Resident Evil 3

Black Friday 2020 games offers

(Photo: Resident Evil / Facebook)
Time to face the enemy in this new version.

Price: $ 15 (initial $ 40)

If you don’t have the new version of “Resident Evil 3” yet, you can get a much cheaper version of Best buy.

Marvel’s Avengers

Black Friday 2020 games offers

(Photo: Square Enix / Facebook)
Play as your favorite Marvel superhero when you get the discounted version.

Price: $ 27 (first $ 60)

For over 50%, you can finally get a chance to play as one of your favorite Marvel superheroes with this version you can get them from GameStop.

Persona 5 Royal

Black Friday 2020 games offers

(Image: Atlus West / Facebook)
Persona 5 Royal adds new content to the original game.

Price: $ 20 (initially $ 60)

An updated version of JRPG 2017, “Persona 5 Royal” adds some new content that fans will definitely love. This great deal is available from Best buy.

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