Google asked to shut down the most famous music bot

The Discord tool whose main function was to add melodies to chat rooms will end with a command from Google.

The US company apparently disagreed with the bot just as much, and a company spokesperson told The Verge that Groovy violated the bot’s terms of service. Youtube To “modify and use the Service for commercial purposes”.

In the same report, Groovy creator Nick Amerlan (who made the robot because it “sucked up my friend’s robot and thought I could make better”) admitted that this may have been happening for a long time. Groovy goes beyond the front-end and advertising of YouTube completely.

How does this Discord bot work?

Groovy is defined as the fastest way to turn your Discord server into a big stage. “Whether you’re a rising artist, a superstar or a hobbyist DJ – sharing music via Discord has never been easier,” the bot notes on its website.

Groovy’s shutdown seems like a stark reminder that Discord isn’t a silent, underground chat client. Valued at more than $10 billion, it is probably the largest messaging app in the world, and one that has long since moved away from its gaming brand.

“I’m not sure why they decided to send it [un cese y desistimiento] Amirlan said. “Maybe they didn’t know, to be honest. It was just a matter of knowing when it would happen.”

It is still unknown whether other bots with similar functionality, such as Rythm and Octave, will also see a future similar to Groovy, or whether Google will refrain from sending a shutdown and desist command for now.

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