Big Internet Change: Are We Going To Pay For Free Content Now?

In the past, Facebook has also commented on Apple’s new feature for iOS 14.5, under which it is a change for the worse. With the advent of the new system, users will have to grant consent to monitor applications on their phones on the Internet. Apple wants to use the new feature to provide users with the best targeted ads.

According to Facebook, this change could do harm rather than help. Most of the companies are currently funded through targeted ads, and because the user will have a choice, they may not agree to watch online. Businesses may lose the money they earn from targeted in-app ads, and they will have no choice but to pay for their content.

With the new update of the iOS operating system, the American company Apple attended the press conference yesterday. Among other things, in addition to the updated operating system, it has also revealed several new products such as the iMac computer, the improved Apple TV or the expected AirTag. However, the aforementioned iOS 14.5 and the new functionality have already received the most attention.

The ramifications of the new improvement should be clear on April 30, when Apple launches the new system. Users will then be able to show how they like or hate the upgrade.

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