Advice in Venezuela to protect the elderly – Prensa Latina

Gladys Requena, deputy chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Families, Freedom of Religion and Worship, said the process would take place through a series of videoconferences and would involve different sectors, including indigenous people, prison inmates and the military.

In statements to Venezolana de Televisión, the deputy indicated that legal regulations propose to regional and municipal authorities to design strategies to promote public policies in favor of the so-called third age.

He stressed that “there are three sectors of the Venezuelan population that we include in this law, the elderly of the indigenous population, in addition to those deprived of freedom and the army.”

Reykina also indicated that this legal initiative was the result of the work carried out by the National Constituent Assembly (2017-2020).

The deputy explained that the one-chamber parliament will continue the consultation process until the end of next May, while various accounts on social networks and digital platforms are active to collect people’s opinions about the Elderly Protection Law.

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