Queen Elizabeth II and Charles watched in the video: Suddenly they both smiled

Queen Elizabeth II and Charles watch a family video: This scene is smiling

Apr 21, 2021 at 5:35 pm

This is the British line of succession

This is the British line of succession

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain since 1952. But who comes next on the throne?

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Queen Elizabeth II. He is now 95 years old. 95 years the Queen of England had so many memories.

Certainly there are also many bad memories, including many good ones. Share a special memory Queen Elizabeth II. In the documents “Queen Elizabeth – A family story ”with her son, Prince Charles.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles watch old family videos

The two watch old videos together. It is also one that Queen Elizabeth II shows at a young age on a visit to New Zealand and Australia.


This is Queen Elizabeth II:


Young Elizabeth tried herself there as the charioteer, but had to admit that the sport was not really her hobby horse.

It was different when Elizabeth herself was on horses. This was her passion, and one of her greatest hobbies.

This also applies to a short stay in South Australia. Elizabeth borrowed horses from the local police there. And there was one thing in particular that seemed to hardly disturb the incoming Queen.

“Very high,” says Prince Charles, amazed at the size of the animal. “At that time, it wasn’t difficult for me,” adds Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles remember past moments

“We borrowed police horses,” the Queen added, a story that reminds Prince Charles of something. “Do you remember how we did that in Canada?” He asks his mother. It seems that she thinks for a moment and then drops her son. “In Canada, yes. We rode in the wild,” the Queen recalls.


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Charles also had to smile: “But the horse ran away with me.”

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