Biden told us he’s on the immigrant side: “The Dreamer” Lady Rangel

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Wrangel Lady Is one of the sixThe dreamers“On Friday they met with the president United State, Joe Biden. After meeting in person, Lady assured that Biden stood with immigrants and was committed to achieving immigration reform throughout his administration.

In an interview with MillenniumLady Biden detailed how President Biden plans to grant citizenship to various sectors of immigrants.

We are waiting for the Senate to act on two bills. One is called the Agricultural Workforce Modernization Act and it will legalize over a million farmers already in the United States and undocumented and the other is the Dream Act and promises that will legitimize undocumented youth like me. Friday’s meeting with President Biden sends this signal to the Senate that it is waiting for them to act urgently and pass these two pieces of legislation. “

My Lady was born in MexicoAt the age of eight, he traveled to the United States with his parents in search of opportunities. Today she is Communications Director for UFW or Fundación Sí Se Podemos in Spanish. An organization that advocates for better conditions for the agricultural sector in the United States, consisting largely of immigrants.

My parents are originally from GuanajuatoShe was born Mexicali, Baja California, and I was there until I was eight, at which point my parents decided it would be better for us to come live in the United States. They have worked as migrant farm workers for many years, and they still are, and I, like them, used to work in the fields during the summer while leaving my university.

Rangel explained that while the Senate does not debate and approve the first two immigration reform proposals, the other alternative for President Biden is to propose a package of reforms that includes legalizing the establishment.The dreamersAgricultural workers and people under temporary protection status (TPS). He emphasized that President Biden reaffirmed his commitment to the immigrant community.

“The president told us that he is with us, and he has given us his support for the work we are doing to advocate that people who are not registered in the United States finally have a path to citizenship because we are Americans in all but one way, and that’s on paper. He knows that dreamers, as they call us here. Native Dreamers are our fathers, and they also deserve immigration reform because they are essential to the United States. “

Wrangel Lady He is confident that the Biden administration will ultimately bring about an immigration reform that will provide stability and security for at least 5 million immigrants.

He concluded by saying, “We hope for the second time to return to your office. The signature of these two projects will be.”


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