Rudy Giuliani denies wrongdoing in the new “Porat” movie

President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudolph Giuliani, is caught up in Sacha Baron Cohen’s new satire “Borat,” which appears in a reworked scene after an actress poses for a reporter in a bedroom and at one point lies on the bed with his hands in his pants in what he later said was an attempt to adjust his clothes. .

Still photos and scene descriptions from Mr. Cohen’s new Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, which will be released on Friday, were posted on social media early Wednesday after The Guardian. I mentioned that the movie contained “Middle scene” It includes Mr. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City.

Late on Wednesday, Mr Giuliani called at WABC Radio in New York to say he was wearing his shirt after removing the microphone wires. It has been deemed that the early release of the scene amounts to a plot to discredit his recent attempts to push corruption charges against Hunter Biden, son of Joseph R Biden Jr.

“Video Porat is a complete fabrication,” Mr. Giuliani, 76, chirp After he got off the air. “At no time before, during or after the interview I was absolutely inappropriate. If Sacha Baron Cohen is indicating otherwise, he’s a cold liar.”

“I called the police,” he said in a short message exchanged on Wednesday. “He and all of his crew fled, leaving their equipment behind.”

A clip that appeared on social media, heavily modified to fit the appearance of the actor’s signature, began with Mr Giuliani sitting on the sofa, answering questions. Soon after, the actress, who speaks with a heavy Eastern European accent, asks the former mayor if they can continue their discussion in the bedroom. Giuliani agrees, then he is shown seated on a bed, raising his microphone and apparently patting it.

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He then cuts the clip into a picture of Mr Giuliani, lying on the bed, with his hands on the front of his pants.

“I had to take off the electronic equipment,” Mr Giuliani told the “Curtis & Juliet Show” hosts. “And when the electronic equipment exploded, some were in the back and my shirt came out a bit, even though my clothes were all out. I bent back, put my shirt on, and at that point, at that point, they had this picture they’re taking that looks like it’s been tampered with, but on Anyway, I’m putting on my shirt. I assure you that’s all I’ve been doing. “

The scene ends with Mr. Cohen, dressed in a strange pink outfit, breaking into the room and shouting that the woman the actor is performing is Maria Bacalova, 15-years-old (She’s 24, according to IMDb).

Mr Giuliani said Mr Cohen was afraid of calling the police, so he ran away and let him speak to the director’s lawyer.

The former mayor is not the first Republican politician to fall into one of Cohen’s embarrassment pranks.

In 2018, Mr. Cohen tricked former Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama into giving him an interview on the showtime satirical show “Who is America?”

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Later in 2018, a Georgia Republican lawmaker resigned from his post after he was tricked into repeatedly shouting a racist epithet in Mr. Cohen’s Showtime series.

Sarah Palin, a former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, accused Cohen of posing as a disabled veteran for an interview, which she said was part of his repeated attempts to humiliate and devalue middle-class Americans.

“He has a lot of people – Newt Gingrich,” added Giuliani, who insisted he was not received by Mr. Cohen. He got Donald Trump before he became president.

Mr. Cohen’s new movie, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivering a Massive Bribe to the American System for One-Time Benefit from the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan”, is scheduled to be shown Friday on Amazon Prime.

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