Biden describes Putin as a “killer”. He answers: He who said that knows that. Borel (European Union): “There is a long list of murders in Russia”

Explanations are required from Washington The The Kremlin, And convinced that Joe Biden Not interested in improving relationships between Russia H United State After the surprise statements of the US President who, in an interview with cryCalling Putin a “killer”. As the first reaction Moscow He summoned his ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov For “consultations”, he will arrive Saturday in the capital. Instead, the American ambassador remains in the Russian capital, as identified by White House spokesperson Jane Psaki, while ” United States of America They hope to continue to have a fruitful relationship with RussiaD.European UnionOn the one hand, momentum comes from the High Representative of the European Union Josep Borrell. It does not enter into the benefits of the data BidenBut he says, “There’s a long list of Assassinations Succeeded Oh tent in Russia And in the case Navalny The European Union imposed sanctions. Russian authorities carried out illegal actions in Ukraine They have a clear role in the conflicts in our neighborhood, and the President of the Russian Federation is responsible for these Russian actions. “

For this part Put it in At first he eased tensions by saying: “Answer me Biden? I used to tell him, ‘Be well. I wish you good health! I say this without sarcasm and without joking. ”Then he rushed, referring to the accusations leveled against him:“ I remember when we were Youngsters When we argued we said: “He who says he knows that they are.” And it is no coincidence, not just an old saying children, Joke, there is prof the meaning Myself Very deep into this, Putin added. “We always see our image in someone else Quality We believe that he represented us and based on that we present our evaluation in general, “continued the Russian president, who nevertheless said that he was ready for an online interview with Biden Friday or Monday. “I wouldn’t put (the question) in a distant drawer for it Saturday H Sunday I’d like to go to Taiga To rest a little, it can also be done tomorrow or Monday. We are available at any convenient time for The American counterpart. I give the State Department a job right away. ”And it’s even airy The premise of “live” negotiations, Is open to the public in Russia, the United States and other countries. They mainly stream across the web, but all over the world

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Then his comments moved to a level cooperation Between the two countries. He said he would be there, but with conditions Moscow. “I know th United StateAmerican leadership, in general Tends To be certain Relations With us, but on the issues that matter to them United State And on their terms. They think we are like them but we are different. We have a code HereditaryAnd cultural Morale Different. But we know how to stand up for our Interests. We will work with them but on fields That interest us and Circumstances Which we think is good for ourselves. “They will have to take that into account,” Putin said.

Comments from his administration, where the spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry are, are also harsh Maria Zakharova He explained that he asked for explanations: “Because we always have to translate their explanations Aspects And incomprehensible Nonsense Policies In normal speech? ” Zakharova For the TV channel Russia 1. “Maybe theirs JournalistsOr, our correspondents, they will try to convince the representatives of the US administration to explain what all this means. Spokesperson Put it inAnd the Dmitry PeskovHe added, “These statements were made by the Speaker of Parliament United State They are very negative. He continued, “It is clear that he does not want to restore relations with our country, and we will proceed from this,” noting that “he was not there.” Formulations Similar to those in the history of relationships between Russia he is United States of America“.

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(Photo: Biden and Putin in 2011)

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