Joseph Gonzalez Blanco. The Senate certifies ambassador to the United Kingdom

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With 93 votes in favor and 18 abstentions from the PAN, the plenum ratified the appointment of Joseph Gonzalez Blanco Ortiz Mina How Ambassador of Mexico to the United Kingdom From Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Josefa González-Blanco held the Environment and Natural Resources Secretariat (Semarnat) for only five months because she resigned in May 2019 after she was shown on social media for A 38-minute delay of a Mexico City flight between Mexico City and Mexicali, Baja California.

Upon expressing an opinion, said Chairman of the Commission on External Relations Moreno Hector VasconcelosIn the case of the United Kingdom, he stated, the representative proposed by the CEO “is an outstanding academic with experience in public administration and politics in our country, and that throughout her career she has been an outspoken advocate of environmental and cultural issues.”

The legislator asserted that Gonzalez Blanco Ortiz Mina knew British society as few people because he had lived in some periods of his life in that country.

Ambassadors have been appointed in Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria and Croatia

And during the virtual session on Thursday, the senators also ratified by 109 votes, with one abstention. Francisco Jose Quiroga Fernandez, Ambassador of Germany.

They also supported Rosario Asila Molinero Molinero is Ambassador to Hungary. The diplomat will also represent Mexico, at the same time, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Later, the chairman, Eduardo Ramirez, took the protest against the law, even though Asela Molinero was actually connected.


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