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The company’s announcement that it will not allow free downloads to Google Drive, Google’s cloud storage service many trust, was a major hurdle. However, the chair of the Judicial Committee, Amitabh Kant, said that the cloud storage system in India is in line with the prime minister’s vision of self-determination. By introducing a new feature called DigiBoxx, users can store up to 20GB of data for free. However, for those who want 100GB of DigiBox, the most attractive offer to many is 30 rupees a month.

DigiBox is one of the services used to store digital “crocodiles” under the slogan “Build in India, Store in India”. Authorities say they focus on national security and the location of the data.

There are several plans available for those who want to use DigiBox – storage is available in a wide range of categories such as individuals or self-employed, small businesses, and businesses. External interventions are possible with all plans, i.e. the file can be sent in Digibox to those who do not have a Digibox account. In addition, it works with Gmail, allows multiple people to collaborate on one file in real time, provides advanced live security, provides document preview, and automates account backups.

Various plans

Free plan: Lets you store files up to 20GB. However, the maximum file size that can be uploaded is 2 GB. This plan also includes integration with Gmail. External cooperation can be accepted indefinitely.

100 GB: The remaining packages can only be purchased for a month or a year. Individuals and the self-employed can get 100GB of storage for 30 rupees a month. Up to 5 TB will be available for one year. You have to pay 360 rupees for it. The maximum file size that can be uploaded on this plan is 10 GB.

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Small Business Plan: This plan costs Rs 999. Up to 50 TB of storage space will be saved. The maximum size of a single file that can be uploaded here is 10 GB. This plan can be used by up to 500 people.

Big Companies: Big companies can buy all the storage space they need. There is no limit to this. It can accommodate more than 500 people. You can download any file of any size.

Other features and features

The smart tag is one of the main features of Digibox. This will allow you to locate any file in Digibox in seconds. No file can be shared without downloading it. It can accept any file on any operating system. User can select who can see the files he uploads. If the file sent to someone has been modified, it can be recalled. There’s also an InstaShare feature for sharing large files. Even if the file is deleted by the user, it will remain on the platform for up to 60 days. In short, you can recover a deleted file. Although it is currently only available on Android, iOS and desktop apps will be available soon.


It says that all files uploaded to Digibox are encrypted at the database level. Digibox also includes connection encryption. The data is stored throughout the country. SSL file encryption is used.

How to log in?

Anyone intending to use any plan should first create an account on Digibox. You also need to provide details like email, mobile phone number, postal address and status.

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Are files safe in the cloud?

Cloud services everywhere. Many people kiss him with open arms. However, there have been allegations that files uploaded to the cloud have been scanned by several private companies. Data is getting more and more important every day. It is best to be careful because you can analyze the data that someone has to understand.

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English Summary: NITI Aayog launched DigiBoxx, India’s response to Dropbox and Google Drive

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