Beta users..a WhatsApp it like this!

InternetDesk: WhatsApp is the most used messaging application worldwide. User-friendly features make it easy for people of all ages to use. However, WhatsApp will release any new features in beta before offering them to users. Interested users can use the new features sooner than regular users if they sign up for the beta version. WhatsApp collects information from beta users about how the new features work and if there are any problems with them. Several users have complained that the app will stop working on the phones of Android and iOS users in the latest beta update released by WhatsApp. What is this trial version yet? Why does WhatsApp crash if it is installed? Let’s see how to solve this problem.

Few days ago, WhatsApp released version on Android and version on iOS for beta users. WhatsApp information beta (WabitaInfo), the WhatsApp community blog, says that users who update this version may have problems sending status updates and group chats, as well as WhatsApp. WhatsApp is crashing on the phones of Android 12 users who are using this new beta. Wabitainfo has made a major suggestion for Android and iOS users to get out of this situation.

iOS users

Users who have updated to beta must backup their chat history on their iPhone first. Then go to Test Flight (Apple Online service that iOS users use to test mobile apps) and select WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business. Then go to Previous Versions and click on Install any previous trial option. If you are using WhatsApp downloaded from the App Store, you should backup your chat history every time you update the app. So even if WhatsApp never works.. the trial version can be deleted and the regular version can be downloaded and used. You can also restore your backed up chat history.

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Android ‌ . Users

Android users need to uninstall the beta version they are currently using and install the regular version from APK Mirror (WhatsApp website). However, Wabita suggests that users should backup their WhatsApp chat history before processing. If you want to try the beta version without backing up your chat history, you can backup your data with the help of Android Debug Bridge. However, this method is only possible on phones running Android ‌ 10 and above.

* To do this, first enable the USB debugging option in the Developers option in the phone settings and connect your phone to the computer with the help of USB.

* Then you need to download ADB tools to your computer. Downloaded from APK Mirror in the same folder app.apk You need to paste the WhatsApp file and change the file name to APK. Right-click on this folder and open Windows Terminal. In it you need to check if your phone is connected to the ADB device. Then type the following commands.

adb push app.apk / data / local / tmp / app / apk

adb shell pm install-rd / data / local / tmp / app.apk

* All data on your phone will be backed up after typing the above commands.

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