What is the bright star next to the moon tonight? It is Mars

Just two days before our visit with a rare blue moon on Halloween night, two of our closest celestial neighbors will appear side by side in the night sky.

to me excitement, A near full moon and Mars together will appear in close proximity to The second time This month on the nights of October 28 and 29, they’ll be showing together until around 5 a.m. local time.

According to the site, “the moon will appear sitting southwest of Mars” on October 28 and on October 29, it will be in the southeast of the red planet.

While the two celestial bodies will be positioned so far from each other that they can be seen together through most telescopes, you can still see them through binoculars. But even without the aid of optical devices, the cosmic orb will be clearly visible with the naked eye.

It helps that Mars temporarily bypass Jupiter to become the fourth brightest celestial body in our sky (behind the sun, moon and Venus), according to earthsky.org. This comes as a result of the arrival of Mars in what is referred to as “opposition“Already in this month. The opposite is the point where the Earth is placed directly between the red planet and the sun. During this time, Mars will be closest to Earth until September 2035,” According to ABC 11. So, now is the perfect time to search for our glowing red neighbor in the night sky.

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