Bellator 250 results: Live gameplay updates | “Lima versus Moses”

Bellator 250: “Lima vs. Mousasi” is scheduled to air tonight (Thursday, October 29, 2020) from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. The vacant middleweight title is ready to capture the title of middleweight champion, Douglas Lima (32-7), rises in weight to take on the 185-pound former Army leader, Gigard Musassi (46-7-2).

The Bellator 250 flagship card will be broadcast on CBS Sports at 8 PM ET. You’ll get results for the full card and comprehensive gameplay for the Bellator 250 televisions below.

Several readers check-in before, during, and after the battles to share their thoughts on all the events. Feel free to leave a comment (or 250) about the spells and chat with all the other crazy people during the show – it’s always so much fun!

Pilator 250 quick result:

Douglas Lima against. Gigard MossassiMousasi UD 48-47, 49-46 X2.
Brandon Girts versus Henry CorralesCorrales SD 30-27 X2, 27-30.
Dalton Rusta Vs. You are a guiderRosta UD 30-27 X3.
Sabah Houmassi opposite Bobby VolckerHomasi KO 0:20 R2.
Cody Law vs Orlando OrtegaSub-Act (Choke Throttle) 2:41 AD 1.
Johnny Plen Vs. Taylor JohnsonEblen UD 29-28, 30-27 X2.
Jake Hagar versus Brandon CaltonHagar SD 28-29, 29-28 X2.
Adam Burix versus Eric SanchezBorex UD 29-28, 30-27 x 2.


Douglas Lima vs Gigard Musasi

Middleweight champion Lima wears blue gloves tonight and has a record 7–32. Former middleweight champion Moussa holds the red glove, scoring 46-7-2. Lima has black US national team shorts. Musasi has Venom black and white trunks. Musassi is 35, Lima 32. Mossassi is 6’2 “, Lima 6’1”. Mossasey reaches 76 inches, Lima 74.5 inches. Lima is fighting from Atlanta, Georgia. Musassi fighting outside Amsterdam, Netherlands. Our responsible referee is Dan Miragliota. The two men touched the gloves during final instructions.

Round one: a mitten tap in the middle that opens the round. Mossassi moves forward, Lima turns left from outside. The leg kick of the mousse. Lima responds in kind. Moussaw buds. Lima goes down to one knee momentarily and hangs on his back. The knees from the back. Lima receives a warning about seizing the cage and Musasi places it on his knee again with a single hook inside. Left hooks from the back. Lima raises his left arm to try to protect himself, but Moses moves it out of the way. Lima stands at 2:40. Moses pulls him to the ground and maintains strength. Left hand down the tube. Moses crushes his hips on Lima’s legs and punishes him. Right elbow. Accidental headshot warns of Miragliota warning. The ground, pound and right elbows flow continues on top. It’s 10-9 first round for Moussa.

Round two: Mossassi continued to go the distance in the first minute. He constantly attacks right and rights. Lima responds with a kick in the leg. It rushes to get the body shot and misses. Musa devours the space and lands on the left as desired. Lima’s hard leg kick in 2:10. If Lima were ever leading it would be remarkable if he took these kicks, but he is always on defense. 1:40 left in the second round. Moussaw buds. Lima broadens its position. Avoid removals and commercial knees. Musa returns 36 seconds ago. Kick out of muse. Right hand from Lima. 10-9 Moussaoui.

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Round Three: The third round starts like the first two rounds – a continuous forward movement from Musasi to the hands of the ground, and occasional leg kicks from Lima in turn. Mossassi doesn’t feel the leg kicks that much. In fact he just threw a high kick. Body kick from Lima at 2:00. Gap from the razor. Lima lands with two consecutive good strokes but cannot control the situation in the cage. Mussassi led 63-17 on aggregate two minutes before the end of the match. Left hook from Mousasi. Leg kick with a mousse. else. Gap. right hand. High kick. Leg kick. One leg kick from Lima. That’s why he fell. Mossasi drops five to one or better at times. 30 seconds on launch. Forward kick via razor. Leg kick Lima. 10-9 Moussaoui.

Round four: Mosesi takes the first kick. Lima takes a kick on the body. Mosesi continues to smash the distance between them, forcing Lima to head towards the fence. He shoots in 42 seconds and recovers Lima. Knees and “old school” feet. He threw Lima on one knee at 1:17 but Lima slips away. Lima continues to attack the left leg. Left territories. Moses’ left hand. Another kick in the leg of Lima. And another. Perhaps in this round he has finally hit more kicks than Moussa has scored. It also seems to influence Moses’ position a little. He kicks the right leg as well. For the first time 10-9 goes to Lima.

Round five: Lima finally stopped holding back and actually started supporting Musassi, effectively landing his left hand during the first 90 seconds. Lima still kicks off the front of the left leg. Big hit from Lima. Kick another man at 2:30. Mussassi is so far ahead in his position with that left leg which is close to the goal point for Lima. Moses shoots and gets cleared at 3:27. Moussa maintains control of the summit even as Lima tries to propel his feet with his fence in the final seconds. For controversy 10-9 Lima since he was advancing and doing most of the round until removal.

The end result: 48-47, 49-46 and 49-46 all by Gigard Musassi by unanimous decision.

Brandon Girts against. Henry Corrales

Girtz is a 16-9 in red gloves and black trunks to move the Bellator to 145 lbs. Corrales brought a record from 17-5 and has blue gloves, black torsos, and a “crazy diary” by Gravediggaz as he walks into the cage. It has a slight one-inch reach at 70 inches but everything else is “almost identical.” The Corrales of Glendale, Arizona, and Girtz fight in Denver, Colorado. The referee is Todd Anderson.

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Round 1: A mitten faucet gets things going. Both men dart forward trying to feel off the range, leading Anderson to warn them not to watch their fingers. Geertz rushes and tries to explode. Corrales and Girtz are both ground kicks. Girts sways and misses with a right. Leg kick for Corrales. Girtz continues to pawn with his right hand and Corrales imitates him with his left hand. Girts with a physical kick in 2:10. Corrales with a kick to the leg. Both men exchange skins. Gertz lands really clean but Corrales walks through. Corrales tries to support Girtz and poses another big right. Corrales holds a body shot. Geertz turns outside and turns to his left. Corrales really puts it on. Girtz moves forward but Corrales is cleaning the counters while Girtz is not calling. Kick the body for Gertz. Leg kick for Corrales. 9-10 corales.

Round 2: Corralis Girts stung a hard kick in the leg in the first 30 seconds. Corrales goes into the body again. Sure enough, Gertz is standing on his back foot and trying to protect himself. He cautiously makes his way towards the middle and Corrales answers with a left hand raised. Girtz’s body kick makes Corrales pause. Leave straight to Geertz. Corrales’ hard leg and corner tell Henry Gertz is left with nothing left on the right side. He’s definitely bouncing up and down on that foot in an effort to feel it. Corrales attacks it again and again. Corrales jab right. Corrales cuts a corner while Girtz turns left. Geertz is rushed in and eats too much because of his problem. 9-10 corales.

Round Three: Girtz shoots him trying to get him a fight in the phone booth but Corrales continues to devour him with counter-strikes and leg kicks. Another leg kick in 52 seconds makes Gertz startle. Another one at 1:09. Girtz knocks Corrales from balance with his left hand and tries to get a clearance. Corrales breaks it down at 1:29 and kicks that right leg again. Girtz has trouble gaining weight. Ironically, he’s often called “Hertz” Gertz because he’s the one who’s hurting right now. Body kick lands for Gertz. His face is beet red and his leg turns black and blue. Gertz sways and misses two minutes before the end. They rotate around each other in the center of the cage. Girts rightfully misses. Kick the body for Gertz. Wild Miss Corales strongly resists. As Josh Thompson says, “Corrales does a good job of making Girtz make a mistake.” The leg kick and one to two combo for Corrales in quick succession. Body shot for Corrales. They trade hands 10 seconds remaining but neither falls off. 9-10 corales.

Final result: Henri Corrales split decision 30-27, 27-30, 30-27.

Dalton Rusta against. You are a guider

Rusta is 3-0 in red gloves, 6’0 “, 185.5 lbs. Gwerder is 5-1 in blue gloves, 6’1”, 184.2 lbs. Gwerder has a reach of 2.5 inches at 76.5 inches. He wears white shorts and fights in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rusta wears red pants and fights in Coconut Creek, Florida. The referee in charge of the match is Todd Anderson.

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First round: No mitten faucet after the opening bell. Gwerder crowds Rusta and puts it on a back foot early. Both men kicked. Gwerder with left hook. Rusta with left counter. Another kick with Goyder’s leg. Rusta pays a kick and lets her go. Rusta marks Gwerder with a right-hand gesture and a sign that he’s trying to laugh at him. Uppercut and left hook are both land for Rusta. Leg kick for Gwerder. Gap and head kick partially examined for Rusta. Now it is Rusta crowding out Gwerder and forcing him to retreat. Gwerder tries to reconfirm with a flying knee, Rusta avoids it and drops the levels. He gets removed after a stampede and ends up on the back opposite the fence, with Gwerder riding in the back. One minute left. Rusta threw him back, then pushed him into the cage. Two short knees. Rusta slides back, pulls Goyder to the ground and gets one hook. It has two hooks but a short time. 9-10 shot for Rusta.

Round 2: Rusta advances early and looks for both the right hook and the right kick to the body. Paws to him and Rosta charges with a combo. He dropped levels for one person and leveled down Gwerder at 1:22. Rusta turns to the back and gets the hooks before leaving three minutes. Gwerder manages to sit back but with Rosta on his back he has nowhere to go. Rusta throws his rights and rights on the back of his head. Rusta stands back to push the knees into the body, Goyder tries to break free, knees swap and return to center at 3:50. Gwerder advances and Rusta turns sideways. Rusta comes with a set. Solid body shot by Rusta. Gap from Gowerer. Head kick examined by Gwerder. A side kick from Rusta. 9-10 rosta.

Round Three: Gwerder kicked in but Rosta changed direction within 30 seconds. Gwerder stops it with a nice left hand. Rusta throws a physical kick and backs Goyder. Leg kick for Rusta. Gwerder misses a set while Rosta slides away. Rusta throws a jumping knee that never touches, but makes Gwerder a spare to avoid impact. Rusta hurts him with multiple rights and shoots, and he gets removed at 2:45. Rusta takes back with less than two minutes to finish. He takes a whole mountain for some ground and a pound, and then Gwerder shrugs off the back again instead of exploding. Gwerder is looking to come back and wake up 22 seconds before the match ends, but Rusta restricts him and won’t let him escape. 9-10 rosta.

Final result: Dalton Rusta with unanimous decision 30-27 X3.

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