Baskonia-Alavés is looking for talent in Croatia and technology in Finland

Madrid, February 1 (EFE). – Baskonia-Alavés Group, owner of TD Systems Baskonia Basketball Club and Deportivo Alavés Soccer, is looking for football talent in Croatia and technological talent in Finland through its international strategy, as described in its ‘Soccerex forum’ CEO, Haritz Querejeta.

Since 2018, the sports group from Vitoria has owned 85% of NK Istra 1961, first class Croatian, as they intend to “tap into the great sporting talent” existing in the country to apply their training methodology to develop new players. “We will go to Croatia for the talent,” said Kirigita.

Since that same year, the Alava entity entered into a cooperation agreement with JS Hercules for the third Finn, located in Oulu, a town known for its technology talent, as they want to expand their own university project.

“We are opening a private university in the Basque Country and we want to move it to all the places we are in. Finland is a good country for technology companies, and in Oulu in particular there are many ‘startups’ work and a good way to get into university and in the football community.”

The CEO of Baskonia-Alavés Group commented that they also entered into advisory agreements with Japanese clubs such as Kagoshima or French clubs, such as Sochaux, with which they started a project in 2018 that ended at the end of that year.

Kirigita explained that the germ of this international rush occurred ten years ago when they bought Alaves and decided to run both clubs “like a sports club” in which they challenge office management. “We run the business in the same way, but not the sport,” he added.

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The search for international talent such as those who managed to bring basketball to Basconia with players like Argentine Luis Scola or Brazilian Thiago Splitter drove them to world football.

“We are looking for a way to bring in talented players, and in the process we have obtained many business opportunities. We have helped companies develop their business in Spain, Croatia and Japan,” explained Baskonia-Alavés Group CEO at Soccerex, during a roundtable on business groups with Many clubs, where there were representatives of the English City Football Group or the San Francisco 49ers of American football, held a part of the shares of English Leeds.

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