Austria, Switzerland, Finland and Italy choose national champions

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Also this weekend, national ski jumping championships were held in some countries at the end of this year’s summer season.

In the Austrian Championship on the regular hill at Stams, Daniel Huber was able to look forward to his second national title with two jumps over 112.5 meters and 275.6 points. Second place went to Jan Hurl with 107.5m, 111.5m and 271.0 points, 0.8 points behind Markus Scheffner with 110.5m and 112m in third.

On the big hill in Innsbruck a day later, Daniel Huber was the best again with 126.5m, 127m and 254.5 points. “The double national champion feels very good. That day was a little better than yesterday. I felt very comfortable. The winter track is suitable, even if I’m sure I won’t freak out now. It’s only really important then the international competitions in the World Cup. But we A country that is good at snowboarding and if you are ahead of the curve with us, you can usually take part in the World Cup,” the 28-year-old said after a very successful weekend.

Jan Hurl also managed to repeat his result the day before with 122 meters, 128 meters and 243.9 points and again finished second. Having just missed the podium on Saturday, Stefan Kraft finished third this time with 123m, 124.5m and 240.5 points.

Jan Hurl, Daniel Huber and Markus Scheffner – © Facebook / Ski Austria Nordic

In the women’s competition on HS 115, Daniela Irashko-Stolts was unbeatable with 104.5m, 106m and 252.2 points. Eva Pinkling finished second and third with 220.7 points (98.5 m and 100 m) and Sophie Sorchag with 186.2 points (87 m and 92.5 m).

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“I’m still late in training and my jumps today weren’t great, but I’m going in the right direction. I’ll be training hard over the next few weeks and getting fit before the start of the season,” he said. Irashko Stolz.

On Bergisel, the victory went to Eva Pinkelnig with jumps of 120.5 meters, 117.5 meters and 220.5 points. “I’m still in the middle of the work phase, the performance phase is just coming up. In that regard, I’ve been able to achieve a lot today, but there’s still a lot to do. It’s definitely been an intense summer for me. We’ve all worked hard and we’re going to stick with that,” the winner said.

Saturday’s winner, Daniela Irashko-Stolz, finished second with 113m and 119.5m (205.1 points), with Sophie Sorshag again coming in third with 179.3 points (110.5m and 113.5m). Sarah Marietta Kramer and Kiara Kreuzer were unable to participate in the competition due to health reasons.

Eva Pinkelnig, Daniela Iraschko-Stolz and Sophie Sorschag – © Facebook / Austria Nordic Ski

natural result

Big hill result

On Saturday afternoon, Gregor Deschwanden celebrated a clear victory for the Swiss title at Andreas-Kotel-Schanze Arena in Einsiedeln with his jumps of 111.5m, 111m and 251.5 points. Dominic Peter finished second with 109.5 m, 106.5 m and 237.3 points, followed by Andreas Schuler in third place with 99 m, 103.5 m and 207.0 points.

Top jumpers Kilian Pierre and Simone Aman did not start at these tournaments due to injuries.

In the women’s category, Emily Torraza won the HS 67 with 240.8 points (64m and 63m) ahead of Sina Arnt (62.5m and 61.5m; 232.6 points) and Ray Kendelman (63m and 60m; 223.2 points).

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Gentlemen’s result

woman result

Eto’o Nussiainen won the men’s competition at the Finnish Championships in Lahti with 126m, 116m and 245.5 points. Jarkko Määttä was second after 120.5m, 121m and 243.1 points. Arttu Pohjola finished third with 117m, 120m and 233.5 points.

Jenny Rautionaho won the women’s title on the normal hill with 82.5 meters and 85.5 meters (200.5 points) ahead of Julia Kekinen (87 meters and 81 meters; 199.0 points) and Susanna Forstrom (82.5 meters and 84.5 meters; 195.5 points).

Gentlemen’s result

woman result

In Italy, Francesco Secon won the men’s competition on the normal hill in Predazzo with 100m, 94m and 230.0 points, exactly five points ahead of Alex Ensam who jumped 94m and 95m. Giovanni Brisadola finished third with 95m, 92.5m and 220.5 points.

In the women’s class, Lara Malciner won 91m and 97m (218.0 points) ahead of Annika Seif (90m and 95m, 212.5 points) and her sister Jessica Malciner (90m and 92m; 207.5 points).

Gentlemen’s result

woman result

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