Australian Open: Rafael Nadal sees the middle finger and stays calm

Record-breaking Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal continues without losing a set at this year’s Australian Open, despite the disruptive maneuvering of a bewildered spectator. The French Open champion won 13 times in his second round match against American Michael Muh 6: 1, 6: 4, 6: 2.

Towards the end of the second round, the woman pricked in the stands towards Nadal and showed him the middle finger. Nadal took a break with a good sense of humor. “What am I?” He incredibly asked, and laughed. The woman was evicted from the facility after the accident. After the match, Nadal said with a laugh, “I didn’t know her and I didn’t want to get to know her either.” During the match, his reaction was surprisingly relaxed, and he laughed and played tennis with his feet. Little.

With the necessary mathematical seriousness, he converted the ball of the second match after 1:47 hours. If he uses a match point five more times, he will culminate in the record-breaking search. So far, Nadal and Roger Federer, missing this year, have each won 20 Grand Slams. If Nadal finally did win in Melbourne, he would be the professional tennis player with the most wins in the men’s Grand Slam.

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