Bayern Munich: Flick’s statement on Salih Hamidic leaves room for speculation

“It’s important to have an idea of ​​how you want to play and then hire the right players,” said Flick. A statement that leaves open whether or not this was also done in the past.

What is certain is that there was a massive collision between the coach and the Sports Directorate.
She confirmed, “Out of emotion, I retracted a sentence that I am not proud of and also felt sorry for it.” Flick on Friday on request from Eurosport.deHe clashed with Salih Hamidic.


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“But the topic has been forgotten,” the coach said at the press conference the day before the match against Stuttgart. They now want to “turn things in the right direction” together.

Flick: “A Breather Benefits Us All”

However, a home win against VfB is a must. “It’s up to us to be able to come out with a win that benefits us all,” Fleck said.

Conflict with Salih Hamidic: honest words from Flick

After a two-week break, things go on amazingly, as Bayern Munich have to compete with their live stalker RB Leipzig (Saturday, April 3, from 6:30 pm in the live tape at

So it’s time for Flick and Salidzic to finally put things down.

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