What is “neni” and why are they transmitted to the virus

Phrases like “Where do you give birth, my dear? ,Mid“Today I closed my order, baby,” they have been popular for some time now on social networks and here we’ll explain why.

Desire for change lifestylePaying for college, getting extra income or helping out with family expenses are usually the main reasons why young people decide to join the world of work from an early age, however, after the pandamia, a group of women is starting to excel. They have taken the internet as their business tool to sell goods like clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, and even food.

This group was on the rise and bazaars (mainly used clothes) became more and more popular, which became known through social networks or apps to sell your wardrobe, and the internet world had called these girls the name Nines. Whose else We tell you a little about these Adventurous woman.

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What is nini?

While the term “No ” It does not contain anything an etymology or a derivation from Latin, it is the passionate way women have adopted to be able to trade countless products in a more friendly way.

In the process of selling online, nobody knows each other and to ignore the formalities that can exist in a physical store, words like: babe, baby, beautiful and other similar examples are used. Word “Nene”, I know accurately Girl’s drift. Nines They are these women Display products on social networks, Or make deliveries in the metro, or at an agreed point and maintain communication with its customers via Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, or other applications that sell clothes and accessories.

On the other side, “Nines”, Not only does it cover the field of beauty and fashion, many of them have services such as décor, food and ready-made drinks that can be delivered to your home. This business model is becoming increasingly popular with women (and some men) looking to improve their income.

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This activity covers other positive areas for fashionBecause so many people have dedicated themselves to giving a second chance to Clothes Get out of someone else’s locker. Products can be new or used.

What is more, “Nines” They are their own sales team, courier, collections, community managers, warehouse and even marketing, as most of them hold their personal files. Instagram; They agree to days to deliver goods and visualize payment methods, without neglecting that they have stock for their customers.

Why the cynicism?

As happened with the term “fighting mother” which mocked single mothers who worked and studied to move forward with their children, The term “nene” It was considered a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, About “neni” In the event of a pandemic, it has left profits among people who devote themselves to this type of business and their income improves without any kind of complication.

But on the other hand, the term Nene It has become popular on the Internet thanks to countless memes, phrases, and comments from internet users who tarnished an honest way to start a business.

Many considered harassment specifically to be another attempt to make women less, to overcome their desire to improve and excel.

we are in elseWe contacted a group of five women who had businesses online, most of them dedicated to selling clothes, shoes, makeup, and beauty supplies.

Each one has a different version of what it means to be NeneBut in the end, their answers coincide on one point, which is financial independence.

Nines at work

for example Myrna JimenezFounder of the store Instagram Meiji AccessoriesAlthough he has another job, he used his spare time to travel and deliver orders on time.

He was never ridiculed Sell ​​online, It strives to bring cosmetics, accessories and skincare necessities to its customers. Myrna is announced exclusively For the last: “I invested with my friend, by dividing our profits, or keeping them or putting them in other apps like Dinn that invests your money, then earns a little more.”

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Another similar case is Vanessa Delgado She alternates between her business activities and a used store that she runs herself. Vanessa is the founder Alex Bazaar Although she started selling products for the home and indoor cleaning, she soon saw that there were clothes in her wardrobe that she was no longer using and decided to put them up for sale.

Declared to else: “With Mai Bazaar at InstagramI try to reduce the manufacturing of fast fashion a little and make the most of what we have. Maybe someone else is looking for something you no longer want. ”

“There is no reason to be mocked, it just seems like a bit of envy, because we’re not ashamed to go out and try to find a way to support certain needs. Really while there are people making fun, there is Nines gain money “.

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In addition to improving people’s income, online sales have helped people interact with each other even from a distance. This is how he tells us Gabriella Vera, One of the founders Damn glowBecause she and her sister started selling accessories and arranging orders from Shein for all of her neighbors and acquaintances.

My sister and I started selling when the pandemic started, and we realized that it was a good way to generate additional income, in addition to being able to communicate with people in another way. I use the money to pay for school things, invest in my personal image and also buy more products to sell. ”

Although it is not affected by the term Nene Rather, he sees it in a friendly way, knowing that there are women who can feel attacked when they doubt their abilities: “I don’t take it personally, however, I know there are more girls affected. No job should be offensive.”

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While “Nines” She sparked a whole controversy on social networks, there are girls like Andrea Arrieta Who are 100% dedicated to this work. Co-founder of Astoisisbazaar speak with else On the word stainNo “ This is what he said:

The term “nene” I find it a little funny but its nice to be recognized for this business. As a joke, the women know how to stand up for themselves and stay in the business. And there are not only women, but also boys and girls who taught me to choose wonderful, cheap and good quality clothes. “

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Although most “Nines” They are girls who are starting a business or looking for additional income, if you decide to buy items in one of the bazaars spread on the Internet, our recommendation is to verify that it is a reliable profile, since it is a relatively new business model, there are no guarantees, so before buying, carefully check Other customer comments, delivery methods, payments and, above all, trust your intuition.

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