Australian Open in Doha? Tournament head gives rejection plans

If necessary, he would “conquer Mount Everest” again to hold the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne in 2022. Tournament president Craig Tilly confirmed this on Monday after reports of a possible move to Dubai or Doha. Transmitter ABC She had reported government expectations that Australia’s borders may remain closed until mid-2022 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mixed emotions in 2021

Additionally, players are not ready to go through the 14-day quarantine again ABC. “We will be here in Melbourne, we will succeed and it will be in January,” Tennis Australia coach Tilly told local media. Tilly added that he has learned a lot this year about planning a tournament during the outbreak. The Australian Open ended this year partially ahead of it and partly without an audience until February 21.

“We felt we were occupying Mount Everest, and unfortunately we are now back at base camp.” Tilly said furiously, “But the positive thing about it is that we know the way now, because we did it before.”

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