Duban is fighting a fierce battle for territory in Finland

Battles between big animals are always worth watching. On this occasion, the Duban fought an amazing battle for control of an area in the Boreal Wildlife Center in Kohmo.

Finnish Bears recorded by Samuli Kiiveri, Olli Pietilä and Tuomas Manninen, from YouTube channel Samulin on the way, who were photographing the wildlife of the place without expecting that they would be spectators with the luxury of this display of bear power.

The constant roar of the bears was a fierce fighting race that begins with a tree between them but soon continues into the open field. Through the three corners of the recording, a strong clash is witnessed that does not end until there is a victor.

Reporters simply wanted to photograph the bears in the wild, but they got a recording that exceeded their expectations.

During five hours of silent work, they managed to capture four of these mammals until two of them, of the same size, began to fight. These fights are frequent as a sign of dominance as well as over food. In addition, it is used by male bears to show their strength to females.

This recording is exceptional graphic material because in the past decade a fight like this has only been recorded once. “It was an experience that left the entire film crew speechless and even confused for some time,” the journalists told Betapixel.

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