Athletics: The Olympic Stress Test for Hudson and Co.

However, the focus is clearly on the highlights of the season in Japan, so Weißhaidinger, for example, has been left out of training in Norway. “The loads have been deliberately high lately. Olympia has priority,” Weisshaidinger quoted on the broadcast. “One thing is for sure: the intensity is very high this year. There will be carnage in the first places. A few inches can make all the difference. However, I don’t put too much pressure on myself.” According to the organizers of Oslo, the discus competition in the country’s capital has never been so crowded time.

Austrian top Weißhaidinger, ranked third in the world rankings and fourth in the best with an ÖLV record of 69.04 metres, took home the opening match of the Diamond League with World Champion and World Ranking Leader Daniel Stahl (SWE), Vice World Champion Fedrick Dacres (JAM), former world champion Andrius Gudzius (LTU), U23 world record holder Kristjan Ceh (SLO), fourth World Cup champion Alin Firfirica (ROU), fourth EC Simon Pettersson (SWE) and domestic champion Ola Stunes Isene.

Geba / Walter Luger

Weisshaidinger will face off in Oslo with the best Disukus shooters currently

Weißhaidinger hanging in Stockholm

Stahl set a new annual world record with 70.55 meters in Kuortane (Finland) on Saturday, while Slovenian Ceh surpassed the European under-23 record he held with 70.35 metres. “Honestly, I wasn’t expecting these performances just a month before the Olympics,” said Weisshaiding coach Gregor Högler. “That wouldn’t be possible with our season buildup. That’s because Lukas has to make up for the lack of arm extension compared to taller athletes quickly. He needs strong legs and a second season boost.”

Once in Scandinavia, Weißhaidinger will meet with him in the Diamond League in Stockholm on Sunday. The 29-year-old Hudson won the national titles in a sovereign fashion at the state championships in Graz over the weekend. Weißhaidinger threw the disc at Graz-Eggenberg to a distance of 61.13 metres. Hudson had the fourth best performance of the season in an eight-man field with ÖLV’s record of 64.68 metres.

Who’s who des Damen-Speerwurfs am Start

On her Diamond League debut, the 25-year-old now faces the world’s best player in Oslo. Topping the entry list is World Player of the Year Maria Andrzek of Poland, who broke the European Cup world record with 71.40 metres. The record holder (72.28m) and Olympic champion Barbora Spotakova will be at the Bislet Games, as well as Australian world champion Kelsey Lee Barber, as well as the last two European champions Kristen Hosung (Germany) and Tatsiana Khaladovic (Germany). BLR).

For Hudson, it is an honor and a huge challenge to be able to compete here. “For Vicki, for the first time, it is about getting a taste of the atmosphere of the Diamond League meeting. I am glad she had the opportunity to be there for the first time,” coach Elizabeth Eberle said. “The goal is to put in an acceptable performance from preparing for the Olympics.” Since the competition begins early in April The Austrian javelin Olympiad is currently entering a second four-week training to be the highest starting level in Tokyo.

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