Transfer of powers: OBs from Rosenheim and Ingolstadt pleased

Excitement among the mayors of Rosenheim and Ingolstadt: part of the government of Upper Bavaria will be moved to their cities. As part of the second phase of the so-called transfer of powers, 500 employees will come to the Rosenheim region and 500 employees to the Ingolstadt region.

The goal is to mitigate populations and create sustainable jobs in other locations as well.

‘Great day for Rosenheim’

Andreas Marz (CSU), Mayor of Rosenheim, talks about a “luxury day for Rosenheim”. The decision that his city will now become part of the county government is a huge boost for the authorities and business location Rosenheim.

For Mayor March it proves after consideration of structural politics the division of such an important power into northern and southern Upper Bavaria.

“The Honor of Ingolstadt”

Lord Christian Sharpf (SPD) also warmly welcomes the Mayor of Ingolstadt to the government of Upper Bavaria. The location where employees can find housing in the future is currently being considered. It is a great honor for Ingolstadt to have 500 employees moved here.

Ingolstadt is very monocoque due to the Audi headquarters. Christian Sharpf says that if other good jobs are found here, he’s happy.

Rural areas will be strengthened

According to Finance Minister Albert Fokker (CSU), the aim is to promote rural areas and equal living conditions throughout Bavaria. Identified migrations will not take place immediately, but over a period of five to ten years. However, the form is based on electives.

“No one is moved against their will,” confirms Füracker. The goal is to ensure that everyone can live and work in their home country. In the second phase of the transfer of powers, more than 2,600 jobs and 400 study places will be transferred from the greater Munich region to rural areas throughout Bavaria.

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