At night in the sculpture garden | Frankfurt

A special offer lures you to Metzlerpark

The smell of mud and green grass wafts into the small, round room furnished with a double bed and a narrow shelf. A flat-screen TV is attached to the wall and displays the weather forecast. The way this room reveals itself is surprising and unexpected upon entering the grass-covered hill that rises in an area in the Metzlerpark in the Sachsenhausen Museumsufer. In fact there are two hills in the beginning that remind of the dwelling of the hobbit, these heroes are from JJR Tolkien’s books “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings”.

The idea for this habitable statue came from French artist and director Laure Provost. The mountain form of the work, so readable on a sign, takes the form of a female breast – interpreted as a symbol of Mother Earth and the cycle of life. And if you are inside one hill with a small round room, then in reality you feel very close to nature.

The mayor stayed here

Since June 26, the artwork can be sampled as part of the “tinyBe: Living in Sculpture” project as one of six habitable sculptures that will be on display in the Metzlerpark until tomorrow. You can even spend the night there, as this offer has been accepted 40 times, says project gesture Cornelia Salfrank. The work of Terence Koh, which looks like a tree house, and that of Thomas Schott, whose habitable sculpture resembles a small house, were also particularly popular. Mayor Peter Feldman also stayed there.

Frankfurt was the central exhibition site for the project, which is defined as a living platform for artistic visions and brings together art, science and architecture. In addition to the main capital, a habitable sculpture can be seen in Darmstadt and Wiesbaden until tomorrow. It is also an experimental project, which wants to create a space for discussions about possible living models or even ways of life.

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“We had about 20,000 visitors at all three sites, and there were a total of 45 overnights in the three cities,” says Salfrank. An experience that isn’t exactly cheap either. Overnight accommodation costs 120 EUR during the week and 180 EUR on weekends. The idea of ​​”the tinyBe project” will persist in the future – in the form of every two or three years, that is, every two or three years. In other cities, in other countries.

When asked if she herself is a sculptor and in what, during the tour, Salfrank referred to the work of a multidisciplinary group of artists, scientists, and architects called “My-Co-X.” What is special is that the group used a sustainable raw material for this purpose – mushrooms that grow again. “This was used to paint the diamond-shaped plywood elements,” the project initiator explains. The shape of this habitable statue is based on designs for a space capsule by Russian architect Galina Balachoa, but the diamond elements are not held together in a way that fits perfectly together. Instead, air penetrates through the gaps and lets you experience the dark night. “It was a very special experience,” Salfrank says. You sleep on a futon. If the surface is hard on you, you can also inflate an air mattress. Last chance to spend the night is on Saturday. More on this: online.

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