At CES 2021, Sony is showing interest in video and audio professionals

date of publication: 2021-01-12 12:22

Sony Corporation is headquartered in Tokyo. Photo by Kim Kyung Hoon (SCANPEX / Reuters)

At the CES 2021 virtual premiere in January 1114, Sony will unveil its Airpeak drone solution, the Bravia XR series TV and the new PlayStation 5 gaming computer.

Judging from the range, the Japanese company focuses on audiovisual professionals.

One such solution is the 360 ​​Reality Audio Creative Suite, a music innovation that helps create a surround sound format that supports 360 Reality Audio.

Another innovation is Airpeak, an imaging drone that uses Sony’s full-frame Alpha series cameras, and it’s basically the world’s largest drone capable of flying a professional camera. At the same time, Sony is introducing virtual video production technology using 3D Space Capturing.

The company also exhibits two display technologies: a spatial reality screen and an LED crystal display. The spatial reality screen displays 3D objects very realistically. According to the company, the screens will be able to fully convey the vision when sharing the created product design with the company or showing different combinations of colors and shapes.

With the powerful image processing processor X1, the LCD series is designed with space in mind, using monitors of various sizes or dimensions.

Home technologies

On display, Sony is showcasing the capabilities of Playstation 5, and introducing 5G connectivity through support for Xperia 5 II and the latest BRAVIA XR TV series with Cognitive Processor XR. The technology evaluates the appearance of radiation and adjusts the image accordingly. Additionally, the technology is able to convert audio signals into 5.1.2 channel format.

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The company is also showing progress in developing the VISION-S concept car, and road tests began in Austria last December.

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