Earn Bitcoin (BTC) by playing Counter Strike

Fiat: The game is over! With virtual currency, virtual world – Or vice versa Counter-Strike: Cryptocurrencies land. Players will now be able to win some satoshi. For now, they have to pay an entry fee.


Part of Bitcoin

startup BTC ZEBEDEE It plans to launch the first servers for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS2: Go ahead), Within 1time The week of February 2021.

These servers are implementing Soak upTechnology Zubeidi Which allows players to earn Satoshi based on their performance.

according to CEO and co-founder of ZubeidiThe news caused a stir in gaming circles.

Games like sand And the Axi Infinity They are important levers for adopting cryptocurrencies.

Axi Infinity It will migrate gradually Versus sidechain EthereumAnd the RoninTo prevent its players from facing network congestion problems ETH, And the gas explosion.

L ‘ether It just hit a new $ 1,750 ATH, causing an explosion of gas.

Real Corners, not Mario

Players CS2: Go ahead By using a server Soak up from Zubeidi You have to scan the QR code at the start of the game, to pay some satoshis.

Players’ earnings fluctuate over the course of the game based on their performance. Successful in-game players may see an increase in satosh.

They can exchange BTC Anytime across Lightning Network.

Zubeidi Plan to launch servers without any entry fees thanks to partner support; Players will not have to pay thanks to the ads integrated into the process.

The CS2: Go ahead It regularly registers over 1 million simultaneous users, and around 24 million monthly active players since January 2020.

The game has a large audience in regional and international esports competitions.

Successful regular players have the potential to win 1 BTC, provided they spend hundreds of hours in front of their screen. Cryptocurrencies win big games by enriching the experience of popular games like Counter-Strike. With support from gaming communities, widespread adoption of cryptocurrency can be swift. No wonder governments and central banks with their own central bank digital currencies find it difficult to take crypto projects seriously? Earn cryptocurrency by getting good at a game: Parents will no longer blame their kids for spending most of their free time with the console in hand – They might even hire a professional trainer to earn BTC.

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