Asterix, Announcing the Netflix TV Series

Netflix TV series based on adventuresAsterixA 3D animated title, which he will co-realize Alan February, A writer who has dealt, in the past, with the directing and screenplay of “Asterix and Obelix: The Cleopatra Mission” of 2002.

Asterix, what do we know


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Talk about your new animation project Dominic Bazy, Netflix Original Director of Animation: “I’ve spoken to Celeste Surugue at Albert Rene for years about how I can bring Asterix to Netflix. Our great love for these characters has allowed us to develop an excellent relationship of trust and respect. As a French Canadian, I grew up with Asterix and his partner Obelix. All the special animation and I read all the books. If I had told myself for 8 years that I would bring these characters back to life one day, I wouldn’t believe it. ”

Great news for Asterix fans, who will see their conversion a true fan behind. Absolute guarantee regarding respect for the original article. This 3D version will have its roots in “Asterix and the Great War“.

Asterix, the plot


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The basis chosen for the script for the Netflix animated series “Asterix” is, as mentioned, “Asterix and the Great War”. This is a 1989 movie. This is the sixth animated film dedicated to the Rene Goscinny and Albert Oderzo comic series. Inside are focused elements of the books Asterix and the Slave, Asterix and Duel of Bosses.

The Romans have a plan to get rid of the roosters who continue to resist imperial rule. They decide to take possession of the priest Panoramix, in order to deprive the Gaelic village of the magic potion. The plan is foiled by Asterix and Obelix, who, however, hits the priest, causing him to lose his memory.

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The village also has to contend with Prolix, a priest charlatan who offers the residents a series of prophecies. Meanwhile, the Romans are organizing a battle between the leaders of Gaul, trying to put the heroes into difficulty in the absence of the Panoramix at best.

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