Apple TV + is free in Australia through February

Apple last week announced its plan to extend existing free subscription periods to users until February 2021. As it turns out, this includes Australians. So if you are recently putting off your release Ted LassoYou still have two months to start.

When it launched just under a year ago, Apple TV + allowed consumers access to a free first year of subscription to the streaming service with the purchase of an Apple product. This service gave an extraordinary advantage to its competitors, as many subscribed without hesitation from the moment they bought their new product to check it out.

Apple TV + free trial extended

Apple has confirmed with Gizmodo Australia that users who subscribed to the free trial during last November, December and January, will now extend their free trial period until next February. This means that if you signed up on November 15, your free subscription now will continue until February 15th. After that, your billing date will begin.

For those who register without purchasing a new device, you will receive a balance of $ 7.99 per month on your account through the end of January. Which means there is really no excuse not to give Dickinson The love you deserve.

And for users who are still wondering if they will get a free year of Apple TV + with a new purchase, you are in luck. Apple will continue to give those who choose to get a new device for a year of free subscription.

While the start of Apple TV + was slow, the service quickly found a niche for itself as it built its roster of programming against competitors. Boosted his ranking with the likes of Reece Witherspoon, Jason Sudeikis and Octavia Spencer – the service garnered 18 Emmy Award nominations, 1 win for loved onesAnd the Morning Show.

With many of us still stuck in quarantine at home, this news couldn’t come at a better time. So, if you need me, I’ll spend the next few months rewatching Legendary Quest.

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