Apple, here are the Macs with Intel CPUs that stayed on the list after the Unleashed event

The step forward in terms of performance over the first Apple Silicon achieved with two SoCs is already significant, and this has allowed Mac products to scale back based on Intel processors that are still on the list. There are four models in particular:

  • iMac 27 with 10th Gen Intel processors. Crescent Models were introduced a few months before the release of the first Mac M1s. Although the design was largely unchanged compared to the previous generation of iMacs, it did deliver a significant step forward in terms of performance. Available configurations include a maximum of 128GB of RAM, an SSD of up to 8TB and 16GB of GDDR6 memory. Prices in Italy start from 2049 euros.
  • 21.5-inch iMac with 7th generation Intel processors. The 21.5-inch model continues to remain on the list in Italy with prices starting at €1,249 Easily replaceable with the latest 24-inch iMac based on the M1 SoC Taking into account performance.
  • Mac Pro: The model was launched in 2019 It’s still hard to replace with an Apple Silicon-based replacement, which is why the Cupertino house continues to keep it on the list. Apple’s desktop solution can be configured with wizards Intel Xeon sino a 28 coresand DDR4 ECC at 2933MHz and MPX modules with Radeon Pro W6800X, 6800X Duo and W6900X video cards. This is the proposal intended for professional users, with prices starting at 6599 euros.
  • Mac mini: the model with 8th generation Intel processors Prices start at 1,359 euros, which are still joined by variants based on the Apple Silicon M1 SoC. There were rumors about the arrival of a new Mac Mini to mark the Unleashed event, but the announcement was missed. Sure, the new M1 Pro and Max will look good on Apple’s compact desktop, but for now, that part of Apple’s catalog remains unchanged.
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fact, With the arrival of the second generation of Apple Silicon processors, the Cupertino house no longer uses Intel CPUs in any MacBook laptop. Each product in this segment is now configurable only with an Apple Silicon solution:

  • MacBook Air e Pro 13 with Apple Silicon M1
  • MacBook Pro 14 e 16 with Apple Silicon M1 Pro e M1 Max

The next steps have already been outlined, even if details about the timing are missing: As Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman recently reiterated, Apple already has a more compact Mac Pro, a new Mac Mini, and a new iMac in the pipeline. It is possible that all of these products are equipped with Apple Silicon chips.

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