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Netflix continues to offer quite a large number of original content, but users know the quantity does not always match the quality, so every new ad is taken with healthy skepticism waiting to be judged personally and comfortably from home with insight.

But the broadcast giant is aiming for higher goals and not only doing so with higher budget movies, like the next one Army of the dead By Zack Snyder, In fact, there is interesting news coming even among TV series and also about one of the most beloved trends of recent years, fiction.

All of the major producers are competing to produce new content that can replace their liked and disliked game of Thrones But it is not an easy task. We are looking for a square and we can see an increasing trend towards creating fictional series focusing on teenage characters. Percy Jackson On Disney Plus o Its dark matter On HBO to give two examples, often counting on successful books. This is the case with the original eponymous Netflix production Dark and cheeky, Who recently arrived for her debut teaser trailer awaiting publication.

Let’s talk about one Fictional series, based on the literary work of Leigh Bardugo, Which introduces readers to Grisha’s World, a fictional world inspired by the Russia of the Tsars. To put things in perspective a little and understand what to expect better, it’s a world inhabited by special people, Grisha specifically, who practice a form of magical action known as Little Sciences. A little curiosity, the setting has become hugely popular on social channels like Tumblr and TikTok.

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Also in this case, we could find ourselves facing the beginning of the franchise, in fact, the TV series will only focus on the first book of the trilogy set in the Grisha universe, but there are other works by the same author that could be the basis for others.

TV series It will debut on Netflix on April 23 But in the meantime we can enjoy our first teaser trailer, have fun!

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